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4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Divorce Lawyers

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4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Divorce Lawyers


While attracting new clients to your practice is critical, it’s not as easy as putting up an ad in the dailies and expecting a horde of clients the following day. For instance, according to the Colorado Judicial Branch, there’s a mandatory 90-day waiting period before being issued with a divorce decree. How does one market their divorce law service in a situation like this? Also, because of confidentiality clauses in the legal profession, it’s unprofessional to divulge details of divorce cases you’ve dealt with, even for marketing purposes. So, how do you market yourself on social media while at the same time observing the privacy and timelines of divorce cases?

1. Create Helpful Content

To be helpful, the content must answer their questions and concerns. It must be evergreen (perpetually relevant) and targeted at helping folks facing such family issues as child custody and divorce. People tend to turn to the internet as a first point of information when dealing with a life issue such as divorce or child custody.

Create content that’ll answer their concerns and give them an idea of what to do next. Let them know they can contact you for consultation, ideally free the first time. Google swears by original, organic, non-plagiarized content and dislikes AI content. It’s prioritizing human over AI content.

Provide helpful answers to web visitors seeking answers to their problems. When visitors land on your website, they’ve narrowed their search to your services. You are the one they’re looking for and are here for help. Provide that help, or at least open the door for further consultation.

2. Identify Your Clients’ Social Media Preference

Did you know that 69% of the time, it’s the women who initiate divorce, according to a study conducted in 2015? The study notes that it worsens among college-educated women, with women-initiated divorces hitting 90%. You will need a different approach to market your services among women, especially the college-educated.

To catch a particular type of fish, go where they’re likely to be found. The same applies to clients looking for divorce and child custody services. To increase chances of reaching them, market on the social media platforms they frequent. Certain age groups, those likely to seek divorce services, may frequent a particular social media platform. That’s where you should post helpful content and gently nudge them towards booking a free consultation with your firm.

3. Segment Your Market

Clients seeking the services of a family attorney span various age groups, which means you’ll need strategies targeting each demographic. For instance, you’ll need a different strategy to target divorced clients with children and those without.

According to wf-lawyers.com, the divorce rate among couples with children is lower by 40% than those without. You’ll need a different strategy to market to any of these groups. While you may not like some digital platforms if that’s where a particular client segment flocks, go there and provide unique, genuine, and helpful content. If this sounds like too much work, consider hiring a digital marketing firm to do it for you. They have the expertise and experience to help companies like yours with social media marketing.

4. Optimize Your Content

Here’s the thing: the most beautiful, functional, helpful website is useless if no one can find it. This is where SEO content comes in. In this case, the content must be relevant to your website and the services you offer, have relevant keywords in the proper density, and have different heading levels.

The goal is to prime your content so web crawlers can easily index your website. As search engines like Bing, Google, and others crawl your site, they rank it based on relevancy, meta tags, and other metrics only known to them. Choose the right keywords for your content, create relevant, rich content, and track the performance of your website to understand what’s working and what’s not, and what and when to tweak for improved rankings.

To market your divorce law services on social media, find out where people looking for divorce services flock. Target your marketing messages to the various demographics seeking divorce services. Seek to add value to potential clients by posting relevant content on your website and social media platforms that address their needs or at least get them interested enough to contact your offices.