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4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

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4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Small Business


As a small business owner, an attitude of adapting, learning, and growing will serve you well. That often means you should take advantage of new opportunities whenever they present themselves that will help boost your business. Social media networks are the ideal venues for building your brand and business. The Small Business Blog joins us today to cover four useful tips for growing your small business.

4 Social Media Growth Strategies:


Be Social Media Selective

Learn which social media outlets that other small businesses in your industry are using to get the most business boost for their buck. For instance, Instagram is exclusively designed for visual marketing. Reddit is a community-centric social platform where you can build your brand using specific interests, or you can create your own related subreddit. Understanding what each social media network does for you, furthers your efforts towards building your brand and boosting your business.

Take the Opportunity to Engage Your Customers’ Enthusiasm

Instead of concentrating on paid advertising, focus on user-generated content. For instance, if you host a giveaway, use the images of the happy customer who won across your social media networks. You can also share images and videos of happy customers that have bought your products. User-generated content gets attention.

Partake in Social Media ‘Listening’

Social listening provides a method of Internet monitoring that allows you to watch for conversations happening about your brand. Google alerts is a great free tool to use, but there are also paid services that allow you to follow what others are saying about your brand. It helps you learn what is needed to build better strategies for marketing your business.

Give special attention to what people are saying about your competitors and watch for niches that are getting extensive social media attention.

What should you do after you start social listening?

  • Get a clue about where your audience stands online and who they are.
  • Interact with potential customers in a genuine manner by searching for and identifying industry and niche related keywords.
  • Search and identify credible brand ambassadors and popular influences to help you build your brand.
  • Provide expert information and useful advice without promoting your business/brand.
  • Seek out unhappy and happy customers and reach out to them on social media.

Produce Seasonal Content

People love celebrations and holidays. Different holidays are celebrated by different groups of people, so whatever promotion you offer, make sure it’s directed at the proper audience. However, you don’t have to use promotional content to engage with seasonal content.

Most seasonal posts will be visual in nature, so by simply sharing images of holiday events in your workplace, or from local community events humanizes your brand and garners interest from social media users. Your current customers will love it and share the content, which is free advertising for you. This is called organic targeted content that isn’t promotional.

Social media plays a vital role in ecommerce, so if you’re not using effective strategies to market across the appropriate platforms, you’re missing out on the best opportunities to boost your brand.


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