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5 Reasons You Should Consider an Electric Dog Fence


5 Reasons You Should Consider an Electric Dog Fence


Owning a dog for many is similar to adding a member to their household as part of the family. If you’re an avid dog lover or if you’re searching for ways to add security and safety to the perimeter of your home, it might be time to consider an electric fence. The right electric fence is not only optimal to protect your pet and its surroundings, but it’s also a way for you to maintain your peace of mind regardless of the type of dog you own and where you live.

1. Provide Additional Freedom for Your Dog

Even after your new dog fence is installed, it’s essential to spend time with your dog at least 15 minutes each day (twice a day) to help them become acquainted with the leash and surroundings. This will help them receive exercise while allowing them to become more familiar with the flag and fence boundaries you’ve installed and now have in place. With an electric fence in place, your dog’s much more likely to feel a sense of freedom each time he steps foot outdoors. Without the limitations of a traditional fence, your dog may also feel as if it is truly spending time in nature with you.

2. Cost-Effective Investment

One of the most cost-effective methods to take care of your dog includes investing in an electric dog fence. An electric dog fence may have a pricier investment cost upfront, but quickly pays for itself throughout the years. In addition to not purchasing expensive fencing material that can rot or be torn away by your dog, an invisible, or electric fence, also saves costs when it comes time to begin shopping around for the materials you’ll need.

3. Protect Yourself Legally

In the case of a collision or car accident, the majority, or 95% of these accidents are typically settled pretrial. If you’re looking for a way to go about protecting yourself legally as a dog owner, one of the best investments you can likely make involves an electric fence. Using an electric dog fence is a way for you to mitigate legal liability and responsibility each time you allow your dog outside to roam or use the bathroom.

4. Prevent Dog Bites

Each year, it’s estimated that approximately 500,000 individuals are admitted to the ER, or Emergency Room, due to bug and insect bites and stings. In addition to stings and insect bites, dog bites also play a pivotal role in emergency room visits. If you’re someone who owns a larger dog or a more aggressive breed, protecting yourself and those around you is key.

An electric fence will prevent your dog from running after passersby, including additional animals, such as dogs and cats that may simply be roaming the neighborhood. This can also help solidify self-control while assisting your dog in exhibiting proper behaviors at any age. Working with an attorney or law firm you find using a reputable website can help compare your options and risks before choosing the fence that’s ideal for your dog’s breed and yard’s needs.

5. Provide Additional Safety for Your Dog

While an electric dog fence may appear invisible for all intents and purposes, it’s easy to train a dog who is willing to listen to better understand their barriers, even when they’re outside alone and without supervision. Once your dog is familiar with his or her outside boundaries, they’re less likely to feel tempted to jump over a fence or run away. An electric fence, although invisible, offers additional safety for dogs of any size and/or breed.

Using an electric dog fence is a great way to protect your pup while minimizing the risk of confrontations, bites, and even a runaway pet. The more familiar you become with traditional electrical fences, the easier it’ll be for you to find a fence that’s just right for your home’s specific needs. Using the right electric fence will offer safety while also reducing the risk of legal liability as a homeowner.