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5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Home Remodeling Company

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5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Home Remodeling Company


Social media has become a vital marketing tool for companies globally, and it works for most of them. You may not necessarily have the numbers you want initially in terms of leads. However, there’s good reason for you to keep at it. You can reach a wide market using social media marketing, and if trends are anything to go by, social media will continue to grow.

Social media marketing is time-consuming. If you intend to use this marketing strategy in your home remodeling company, hiring a social media marketer to manage your accounts would be wise. When done correctly, social media effectively attracts new leads, builds a new following, and generates sales. Here are a few social media marketing tips for your home remodeling company.

1. Choose Your Target Audience

The audience you want to appeal to can be based on different demographics such as gender, age, education, job title, lifestyle, and location. The truth is that your products and services may not appeal to everyone. Identifying your target audience will help create brand guidelines for social media marketing.

Creating content that relates to your target audience isn’t easy. For example, creating content on modern bathroom accessories may not be the best choice for your social media marketing. According to Home Stratosphere, only 12.43% of bathrooms have a modern design aesthetic. Therefore, you need to not only identify your audience but also understand what their preferences are.

2. Choose Your Social Media Presences Wisely

There is a wide catalog of social media marketing platforms. You need to be intentional and precise with the ones you choose to market your business. You can choose to pick two platforms you can commit to without failure. Research the market to establish who the giant is in terms of active users.

Choosing the right social media marketing platforms can influence the traffic you receive. Statista states that 68% of clients visit home improvement store websites before hiring a contractor. It’s, therefore, important to ensure you stand out from the other industry players.

3. Create New Content

One of the ways you can ensure you stand out and attract customers’ attention is by sharing new content on your business platforms. For example, an NKBA report shows that homeowners remodel more than 10.2 million kitchens annually. It would be a good idea to ensure your platform keeps up with the trends by updating new kitchen designs for customers. Updating new content will help increase visibility on the search results and consequently increase traffic.

The bottom line of social media marketing is to ensure you generate revenue for your business by attracting and engaging customers. That’s why it’s important to ensure you put out content that is both engaging and original. Such content has been proven to influence the audiences’ decisions greatly.

4. Create Your Brand

Think about all the big brands you know; why can you easily recognize them? It’s all because of good digital branding. Digital branding involves more than just the company logo; it is about creating value for your remodeling business. With so many platforms fighting to grab our attention, the importance of good digital marketing can’t be overstated.

You have limited time to create a good impression with your visitors. As earlier stated, the market is flooded with many social media marketing spaces; the more presence you have, the better for your digital brand. Ensure consistency with your content to encourage engagement. The colors you use for your brand can also impact how your business is perceived.

5. Have a Marketing Budget

Most social media platforms are free, so why do you need a budget? Creating a social media budget proves you take social media marketing seriously. Given the potential it has to grow your business, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Allocating a budget will allow you to, for example, hire social media influencers to market your remodeling business.

A budget will also help control the urge to make impromptu social media marketing decisions. It ensures you stay focused on the set goals. Creating a realistic budget that doesn’t compromise other business operations is important.

Social media marketing is a tool businesses use to connect with customers. It helps to create a communication channel between the client and the business. There’s so much untapped potential for your remodeling business in social media marketing.