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5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Your HVAC Company

Social Media

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Your HVAC Company


As you know, social media has become a powerful tool that goes beyond superficial socializing. It’s also a great way to promote a business, such as local HVAC services. So, if you’re an HVAC professional looking to expand your reach and connect with customers, here are a few tips you should use.

1. Post Action Photos

If you haven’t done so already, begin taking photos of your workers in action. Have a photo that represents all of the various HVAC services that you do. You can post photos on your Facebook page or your main website. Predictive maintenance can reduce overall industrial maintenance costs by up to 30%, cut downtime by up to 45%, and decrease breakdowns by more than 70%, according to the Department of Energy. You can use your photos to show how well a facility or home is running thanks to a functioning HVAC unit. Show the side effects of a poorly maintained unit such as mold, or somebody sweltering in heat.

2. Show HVAC Business in Video Clips

You can expand your reach by using video. As mentioned, any type of photographic image is great to pull in an audience. However, when it’s in motion form, that tends to draw people even more. You can show small clips of workers doing repairs or installations. You can highlight specific elements of an AC unit and explain to the customer what it does. So you can create a company page on YouTube or TikTok. Or you could post these photos and build an audience.

3. Use Giveaways and Exclusives

Customers love free giveaways and exclusives. So if you want to pull new clients in, you can offer them incentives, such as giving them a certain percentage off if they sign up within the next 30 days. Your company can also offer discounts on referrals. You can provide an online coupon that they can use if they sign up on your website. You can use social media to constantly repost the giveaway or exclusive offer until it comes to an end.

4. Add a Blog

Share some of your knowledge about HVAC systems with your clients as a way of showing that you’re an expert in the field. If you have a website that highlights your company and services, attaching a blog section is a great way to showcase this knowledge. For example, many clients may not know that duct losses result in over 30% of energy consumption when using an AC unit, according to Energy.gov. However, a relevant blog post can explain how important it is to do duct maintenance or switch to a mini-ductless system so homes and businesses can save energy and money.

5. Encourage User-Generated Content

Social media is a hotbed of user-generated content. That refers to social media posts that customers may create about a service or product that they’ve used. For example, you can encourage your clients to use your company hashtag when they post on their social media sites so they may be eligible for a discount on your services.

According to Energy Star, as much as 70% of the energy consumed in an American home is due to heating and cooling costs. A functioning HVAC system can keep homes and businesses running smoothly while reducing costs. Any company in this field provides a valuable service they should show off online. So, if you want your clients to find you and utilize your skill set, don’t sleep on the advantages of using social media. If you’re still a newbie to promoting your company on social media, there are professionals out there who can help you with such a service.