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5 Things To Do Before The New Lockdowns To Make Sure Your Kids Are Comfortable At Home


5 Things To Do Before The New Lockdowns To Make Sure Your Kids Are Comfortable At Home


Covid-19 has brought with a lot of changes that no one would have ever imagined or believed a year ago. Lives have been turned upside down and people have been pulled apart and isolated all in the hopes to protect one another from this deadly virus. People of all ages have felt the impact of this pandemic, and if adults feel the blow can you imagine how the children feel? With fear and anxiety in the air, it is also affecting the children because all of a sudden they cannot go to school or visit their friends and grandparents most importantly they cannot leave home. It is important to prepare for this time so that the trauma of it all does not affect them.

Here are some ways to prepare for your kids to be comfortable during a lockdown:

1- Use Streaming Services

During a lockdown, it is important to have the children kept occupied. With a good internet connection, you can do just that by subscribing to streaming services like Disney Plus. This is a service that is great for children as they can watch movies and Tv shows from Disney, National Geographic, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. You can make this service affordable by using Disney Plus Coupons. Even better when you visit Slickdeals.net you can get more deals, coupons, promo codes, and discounts for Disney Plus. There is a notification option for alerts of new deals and an app you can install that will help you grab every discount and coupon on offer.

2- Bring books from the library

Even though the children are out of school and maybe doing online classes parents need to take this opportunity to encourage the children to develop a habit of learning. By taking out books from the library and sitting down with them to read them helps to broaden their minds with different stories. This also helps to reduce their screen time because it is easy to then just use the TV as a babysitter. There is a lot to be learned from books and this is a great time to bond over a good book.

3- Plan for Arts and Crafts and Buy family games

This is the time to let your creative juices flow. However old your children are creating something is fun. You can stock up on your arts and crafts supplies and make an event of it over a couple of days. Team up and see who can make the best collage or art. This keeps the children’s minds working and learning as well as having fun.
There are a lot of family games that you can invest in and schedule game time after supper or lunch. This helps the family bond and allows for lots of laughter. A happy home has less stress and anxiety. It will help the children think less of what they could be doing out there and just enjoy the important things, being with family and being safe.

4- Stock up on medicals

Stocking the essential medical supplies you will need during the lockdown is a clever step. In this era, many medical businesses run online and ship medicines and other medical supplies to customers. Online businesses can sell supplies cheaper, as they don’t ought to pay some extra taxes and do not have certain extra operational overheads. This means that you will have a more glorious chance to save by buying your medical needs online.

5- Ensure there is a way to still communicate

Isolation is not easy and in the end, can affect you and the children over time. It is important for them to still feel a part of the world. By making sure your internet connection is good, you can communicate with family and friends. That connecting is very important. Just because they cannot physically be together doesn’t mean they can still not connect with others. Social development is still important for children and should be encouraged. So video calling every couple of days will help go a long way.

The lockdown period is only for a season and it will come to an end. Parents need to let the children know this. There will be life after lockdown, but staying safe lets the children be comfortable, happy, and occupied.