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5 Tips for Marketing Your Luxury Car Dealership in Texas


5 Tips for Marketing Your Luxury Car Dealership in Texas


As a luxury car dealership owner in Texas, selling high-end vehicles in a state with a modest standard of living can be tough. But don’t overlook Texans’ penchant for luxury. Medium reports that 61% are more likely to re-purchase a product if it comes in premium or luxury packaging. To attract more buyers for your luxury cars in Texas, we’ve compiled this list of five valuable marketing tips just for your car dealership.

1. Marketing Strategy

The foundation of successful marketing starts with a robust strategy. This blueprint guides your actions and sets clear, measurable objectives. It outlines the best marketing channels to utilize and those to avoid. For instance, promoting luxury cars online demands a content-driven approach—videos and images on Instagram and Facebook work wonders. Occasional promotion on LinkedIn, a hub for business executives, can amplify your dealership’s presence.

Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to gauge your marketing efforts. Regular reporting on social media metrics, website traffic, and lead generation month-to-month helps track progress. This assessment not only reveals results but also highlights areas for enhancement.

2. Create a Website

Another crucial step is setting up a standout website for your dealership. To distinguish it from competitors, employ vibrant colors, showcase car videos, and infuse a personal touch into your website’s text. Write as if you’re having a conversation with a Texan. Highlight any ongoing specials on your site and optimize them for SEO. This ensures it’s easily discoverable by potential buyers. Remember, cluttered websites turn people away, so a minimalist approach is key to keeping visitors engaged.

Your aim should be securing a spot on Google’s SERP. When a Texan car enthusiast searches for luxury cars, your website should be among the first results they see on Google. One of the best ways of creating a website copy that converts like crazy is using relevant keywords. There are tons of SEO tools that you can use for that purpose. For instance, there is Semrush, which is one of the best tools for keyword research.

3. Social Media Marketing

You can showcase luxury cars on Facebook and Instagram. To attract attention, try posting videos and photos of your newest models. If a customer buys a car and is thrilled, snap a pic and share it on your social accounts. When your posts get lots of likes and comments, it draws more folks in for test drives.

Every now and then, try running Facebook and Instagram ads or boosting your posts. It gets your cars in front of more eyes. But remember, target the right crowd for your ads. Facebook Manager lets you pick specific ages and locations—like reaching folks in a particular Texas area. In 2019, there were over 2,500 crashes in Edinburg, Texas alone. Using your media to highlight car safety can be beneficial to you and your customers. This helps you connect with the perfect audience.

4. Use Influencers

Consider forming a partnership with local influencers. This could be a model, artist, basketball player, or just anyone who is popular enough to influence public opinion. Most influencers have a huge following on social media, your dealership can leverage that.

5. Run Google Ads

Have you ever considered Google Ads? They’re a top-notch way to boost your luxury car dealership in Texas. The cool thing? When someone’s searching for a car they’re ready to buy, Google Ads nail it, way better than someone just scrolling past a Facebook ad. That means higher conversion rates compared to Facebook ads. According to Consumer Reports, most luxury cars come exclusively with an automatic transmission, usually offering between six and nine speeds. Highlight this in your ads and draw in potential customers.

Keep in mind that marketing a car dealership means getting creative! Don’t stick to just one plan and call it a day. Try out different strategies and keep getting better along the way. When you find what works, keep doing it—it’s all about repeating the successful stuff.