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5 Ways a Personal Training Business Can Get Creative With Clients in the Winter

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5 Ways a Personal Training Business Can Get Creative With Clients in the Winter

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When winter hits, it’s a real struggle for personal trainers to keep their clients fired up and eager to work out. To beat the winter blues and keep clients motivated, personal trainers could move workouts outdoors on sunny days, try new challenging routines, or host social events like hiking groups that mix bonding with burning calories.

1. Virtual Challenges to Heat Up Social Media

Engage clients in a winter-themed fitness challenge and showcase it on social media. Encourage them to complete a set number of workouts or achieve specific fitness goals throughout the season. Start an Instagram hashtag for people to share their progress pictures and cheer each other on. Plecto shares that employees work 20% better when motivated. The same is true with fitness motivation.

Start posting some hard winter workouts on social media to help people build strength and endurance at home. Share short video clips or tutorials on social media platforms. Generating hype for the exclusive winter workouts could spark excitement and participation.

2. Dive into the Frosty Wilderness Outdoors

Adding a bit of excitement to your exercise regimen, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing lets you flex every muscle while injecting some adventure into the mix. Posting engaging photos and clips on social media can spark curiosity about these distinctive workouts.

Hiking in the crisp winter air can be invigorating and offers a change of scenery. According to the National Park Service, hiking offers three key benefits by boosting your physical well-being, clearing your mind, and strengthening your relationships. Promote these group sessions through social media announcements, encouraging clients to invite friends and family for a collective fitness experience.

3. Home-Based Workouts

Create routines that clients can do in the comfort of their homes, using minimal equipment. Host virtual yoga sessions with a simulated fireplace backdrop. With this serene and comforting setting, your yoga routine is amped up a notch, offering you a warm sanctuary from the harsh chill of winter. Share these calming workout sessions on social media to pull in folks who crave fitness activities that are mindful and relaxing.

4. Festive Fitness Events

Incorporate holiday-inspired workouts and challenges, making fitness feel like a celebration. Leverage your social media platforms to stir up excitement about the event, inviting clients to join in and flaunt their holiday workout gear. If you live in an area with snowmobiles, perhaps incorporate a snowmobile race into the mix. According to JD Power, 320 mph is the world record for snowmobile speed. Safety is paramount when hitting those high speeds.

How about infusing a sense of purpose into your fitness routine by starting charity workout challenges? Donate to a chosen winter-related charity for every completed workout or fitness goal. Post about joint charity drive on your social media, spotlight uniting for the greater good.

5. Motivational Social Media Campaigns

Feature client success stories and transformations on social media. Show off their wintry workout triumphs, emphasizing the hurdles they’ve overcome. This sparks a fire in current members while drawing in fresh faces seeking that kickstart to their fitness journey. Spin your motivational stories with striking visuals and captions that hit home, sparking a connection.

Host live Q&A sessions on social media where clients can ask fitness-related questions. When staying motivated to exercise is tough, try planning or joining winter sports leagues, setting goals, recruiting workout buddies, and focusing on activities you enjoy rather than dreading can help you stay active.

When winter hits, fitness businesses need to crank up their creativity. Adapting workouts for the chilly season can keep people stoked about their health journey and stick around longer. Leverage the power of social media to flaunt winter-themed fitness challenges and holiday events, helping keep your existing clients captivated while drawing in newcomers. Remember, the key to a thriving personal training business during winter is making fitness effective but also enjoyable and inclusive.