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6 Easy Steps To Follow After Your Guest Post Is Published


6 Easy Steps To Follow After Your Guest Post Is Published


Writing and get your guest article published is a very strenuous job as it requires long work hours, reading blogs, studying your audience, choosing the right topic and a million other things, but once you get it published you deserve appreciation.
The main purpose of a guest post is to get traffic and subscribers to your blog. Now that it is published you wait for your email to be flooded, but surprisingly if it’s not then it is not the time to be disheartened. You should always do the following things after your guest post is published.

1- Respond to the Comments
A good writer is the one who responds to his readers’ comments and queries. This is exactly what you will do, you should respond to each and every comment on your post, thank them for reading and in order to get the traffic mention something about your site. Your comments should reflect your knowledge so that when other readers are going through the comments they subscribe to your site as well. This is in the terms and conditions of some author’s guidelines as well, because not responding to your readers leaves a very negative impact on them, and the author may delete your post if you are not active on it.

2- Social Media
Another very effective tool for your post’s publicity is to share it on different social media sites. Sharing your post will give it high ranking on Google as well; this will be a result of the high influx of followers for your post. Promoting your post on social media is very beneficial as it will keep you in the eyes of the people from the industry as well resulting in an increase in your social circle as well as on site traffic.
In order to achieve this you need to do the following things:

  • Promote it on Twitter by using hashtags, it will help your post trend. Mention the significant names that you have used in your post by tagging them, this will help you become noticeable to those people.
  • Next is Facebook, it is the biggest social network so the easiest thing to do is use your fan page to promote your article, share it as well. More people will read your post and more shares will it get. Another good tactic is taking quotes and catchy lines from your post and making images of them. This will help your post trend more and have more followers.
  • Google+ is a good platform, you can add your post to your stream while doing this keep in mind not to share the link instead write an attractive bold headline to make it captivating which will encourage people to read your post. Share your post but don’t be a spammer as it irritates people.

3- Email
Email is a very useful medium you can use it in two ways, first is to email the people that you have mentioned and tagged in your posts on social media. Secondly to help your post gains influx by sending emails your email list. Both these tactics will help you get the spike you want. More people will comment on your post but remember your emails should be short and to the point, don’t be annoyingly long.

4- Your Blog
Your own blog is a good platform to announce that you’ve written a guest post on the “hosting” blog, this will generate a lot of traffic for you and is relatively easy. The subscribers you have on your blog know you and love you, so they will definitely go for it.

5- Contact other Bloggers
This option can be considered for those bloggers that you already know well, you can contact them and let them know about your guest post. You can also drop a hint for them to share it with other bloggers. Networking is very important in blogging and this is a very positive ad successful way to do it.

6- Directories
After you post is published you can submit it to directories, this doesn’t bring in the traffic you want but it helps you in becoming noticeable to the search engines.

All of the steps mentioned above can help you attain your aim, these are easy but very effective steps and will help boost your subscribers.


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