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Albert Boufarah Shares the Importance of E-Waste Recycling for Business


Albert Boufarah Shares the Importance of E-Waste Recycling for Business


Each business plays a part in contributing to sustainability initiatives for the purpose of environmental preservation. Such an endeavor can even be beneficial to corporations when it comes to presenting end-of-year reports marking their sustainability pursuits.

Whatever the particular motivation may be, the benefits of responsible electronic waste recycling (e-waste) are vast. Albert Boufarah President of SAMR Inc outlines four reasons on how to accomplish these goals. 

1. Planet Preservation

Granted, this goes without saying, but it cannot be stressed enough. The practice of repurposing materials collected from obsolete electronics is referred to as “urban mining”, and helps prevent the need to mine additional raw materials.

Albert Boufarah, stresses the importance of electronic waste recycling from an ecological perspective. Harmful materials such as lead, mercury, & flame retardants can be found in electronic waste, and if not properly recycled, these items can potentially contaminate resources that human life depends on, like water & soil.

Furthermore, companies such as SAMR Inc. are playing a vital part in guiding us toward a circular economy, where materials (with cooperation from manufacturers and each level of government) are increasingly repurposed in the household electronics we see today. In concert with technological advancements, these items enjoy at least as a long of a life cycle as they had previously, only with much less of an impact on our environment.

2. Retaining Brand Awareness

In a society where the public has access to countless channels of communication, it is imperative that a successful business has a sterling reputation. One of the worst things a business can do is improperly dispose of electronic materials for a multitude of reasons.

Using an expert in data management like SAMR Inc. is not only the right thing to do for businesses to prevent customer data from getting into the hands of scavengers: it also establishes an essential bond of trust between a business and its consumer base.

In addition, the financial & legal fallout from improper dumping can damage a company’s reputation beyond repair. The best defense is through the use of a company that guarantees proper recycling and data destruction for every single item that enters its facility.

3. Get the most out of your old materials

When an electronic item reaches the end of its life cycle, this does not mean that it becomes entirely useless. Much of the time, parts & units of obsolete equipment can help to sustain another salvageable piece until it also becomes defective. Boufarah cites this as an eco-friendly approach to take, as it allows devices to remain productive while even increasing their value in many instances.

Here are some ideas to assist in developing your own itinerary for asset recovery:

  • Equipment resale (wholesale & retail outlets)
  • Finding new purposes for items in your own business
  • Taking components for reuse in other devices
  • Proper recycling & asset management for items that no longer have a purpose.

4. Only sell/recycle your equipment through a trustworthy source

Boufarah made reference to a common practice of electronics manufacturers shipping out their items when they’re looking to move them out of the market. Unfortunately, there are also businesses out there that are often recipients of tons of electronic waste, but are either not authorized or ill-equipped for proper handling of the material at the end of life.

Manufacturers are highly urged to keep up the value & product placement of their materials, in addition to proper compliance. The process of developing new models can be arduous, which underscores the importance of retaining the secrecy of prototypes to avoid advanced technology essentially being hijacked. Any business in such a volatile, highly competitive industry should always be cognizant that they are using a reliable electronics recycler. The use of a company with decades of experience like SAMR Inc. provides certainty that any equipment they turn over will be recycled responsibly, along with the assurance that can only come from guaranteed data destruction.