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All You Need to Know About Money Making Through Your Blog – Part2


All You Need to Know About Money Making Through Your Blog – Part2


If you didn’t read the part1 of this article please visit All You Need to Know About Money Making Through Your Blog – Part1 first.

Is it possible to earn money through blogging?

The article still hasn’t answered the question that was intended in the beginning then here it is. The answer is that yes, you can earn money from a blog, however you cannot start earning money instantly. The returns will come in after a long period of time, because it takes time to develop trust, name and credibility in the online business. So make sure that if want to make money through the blog, you are in it for the longer term and not just as a medium of killing time. So what does this “longer term” mean? You won’t start earning money through your blog at least till six months of you developing and launching your blog. For some people it takes up to a year to start earning good money through your blog.


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So what are the easiest ways that you can make money through your blog? Here are a few points and tips that will help you earn some big bucks:

  1. The easiest way to earn money through your blog is to make it the best blog there is, from content to design to the entire outlook. If you make your blog attractive, people will be attracted towards it and you will come across other bloggers too. What you can do is sell your blogging services through your blog and people will automatically approach you to make their blog as amazing as yours. However, this is only possible if you are in the field of blogging for a very long period of time. Keep in mind that the technique is not to advertise openly that you can provide blogging services, as that makes your blog look tacky. What you can do is go for a soft sell approach so customers will approach you rather than you approaching them.
  2. You can also earn money by selling your own products through your blog. If you are in the business field you can advertise whichever products that you sell through your blog and attract in more customers. These products can be in the form of t-shirts, accessories, services or any type of product that you bring to the market. hence, you can not only let more people know about your products but can also help sell them without the need of paying money for advertising on search engines or other web sites.
  3. Another way of earning money is by becoming a reseller for quality products already being sold by some other company. You should know that this will help you bring in much income and it can work as a secondary incomes, it is income nevertheless. This way you can earn commission through selling products that are owned by another party.
  4. The best way of earning money through your blog is to make advertising space available for others to make use of. This will only help bring in income if you are a credible source and your blog has become known in the field of blogging. Initially the advertising post will be approached by small companies who will pay negligent amount of money but as time passes and your blog gains more readerships the source of income will bring in more and more amount.

Once thing that is very important when blogging and hoping to earn income from it is to diversify your sources of income. Do not rely on any one of the sources mentioned above as they will not guarantee a sustainable income. You need to make use of all the way mentioned above in order to stay secure, since you shouldn’t put all your eggs into one basket. Another thing that you need to take notice is that if you create a blog just for the sole purpose of earning money and do not put your heart in it, chances are that your blog will fail. You need to first put in all the love into your blog and write high quality material to bring in regular readers and then start going for way to earn money through it.

It is recommended that meanwhile you are trying to make your way into the blogging world; you can reap numerous other benefits and opportunities that creating a blog will provide you with. These include personal growth opportunities, developing new relationships and friendships, networking, enhanced focus on one particular aspect of writing, developing your writing skills and building a business and name in the field of blogging.


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