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Backing Up WordPress – Be Secure


Backing Up WordPress – Be Secure


Every user of WordPress knows that there is always a need to back up their files and database. This is because the security level of the WordPress is not be strong enough and that your site might get hacked. If your site will get hacked, surely your files and databases will be gone. So as a precaution, you really need to back up copies of your files and databases in WordPress.

WordPress Plug-Ins are the tools that you use in backing up your files from WordPress and saving them all in a storage online. There are plenty of different backup plug-ins available for you to choose.



WP-DB-Backup can backup core databases and files. In this plug-in, you are given a choice whether to save it online or to download them and save it in your computer, because sometimes you just can’t trust online storage of backup files.

If you want to backup your WordPress installation or only your files and databases, you can use the Bei Fen Backup Plug-in. With this, the backups can easily be restored.

If you want a plugin that can create an archive for your files and provides connection to online storages, then WP Time Machine is the right plug in for you. It can send your backup files to free online storages such as Amazon’s AWS S3, Dropbox, or FTP.

WordPress Backup plugin is a zip file. It backs up your files and putting it on a zip folder. It is usually for images, theme directory, and plugin directory.

WP S3 Backup automatically backs up important parts and install them to an online storage, specifically the Amazon S3. You don’t have to worry about this online storage since Amazon S3 is at a cheap price compared to others and it is also reliable.

WP-DBManager is considered as the complete plugin since you cannot only backup database, but you can also optimize, restore, delete, and even repair them. You can even drop or empty tables and also run your queries. This plugin generally manages the whole database that is why it’s a complete plugin.

WordPress EZ Backup is definitely an easy to use plugin. It is said to be the easiest method for creating a backup of your files and databases of your site. It is not only limited to the WordPress installations, but it can also be use for other websites as well. You can also backup archives of any MySQL database you want and a lot more. Though it is certainly easy to use, this plugin still provides you a help setting and also an auto setting to configure your web server. Surely this makes everything easier.

If you are looking for a plugin that can simply schedule daily database backups, then you can use the DBC Backup. Here, you can set the schedule of the backup and where to save the backups of your files and databases. You can also choose formats of the compression of your files.

BackWPup is another plugin that does not only function as a backup plugin but it can also optimize, repair databases, and can store the backup to a lot of different storage online such as DropBox, Google Storage, Microsoft Azure (Blob), FTP Server, SugarSync, and a lot more. It can also be sent through email.

Now, enough talk about WordPress plugins. Let us know consider the storages where the backups will be kept. When choosing an online storage, you must ensure that it has a high security level and that you can easily get access to your data.

DropBox is an online storage that is very simple to use. Just put your files into the DropBox folder and you can then be able to get hold of those files from anywhere. You can also share your files with other people easily. For free usage of DropBox, you are given a 2gb space for storage. But if it is a premium usage, you are given 100gb.

With IDrive storage, you can enjoy features of automatic and continuous backup, true archiving, and a lot more. You can also backup database and files from personal computers, macs, and even mobile phones. The free version of IDrive entitles you to a 5gb space; for Personal, it’s 150gb; and for Family pack, it’s 500gb.

Humyo is a free online storage that gives you a 5gb space for non-media files and another 5gb for media files and can be accessed through internet connection only. You can access them from the PC or your cellphone only if you have upgraded to premium version with 100gb storage. However, Humyo is not anymore offered to new users. It is now the Trend Micro SafeSync, that is also under Humyo, accepts new customers and still offers the same features and benefits with Humyo.

If you want an online storage that also offers file hosting, collaboration and project management site, then Binfire might be the storage that you’re looking for. It enables you to interact with your friends or maybe officemates and meet up in a virtual conference room, or a setting that is closer to that.

Backing up your files and databases gives you a security that your databases will never be loss. However, what if a crash on your storage or computer occurs? This is where the backup services come in.

Backupify is a service that backs up your backups. It backups your databases and files daily to Amazon S3 to ensure a high security on your files.

BlogVault can back up your all contents of your blog, including those images attached, plugins, and even those comments on your blogs. You can also set this automatically and daily, or depending on the intervals of the automatic backup that you want.

Backup Buddy can back up your entire WordPress installation, including the themes and plugins. It backs up your data to Amazon S3, FTP, or send it to your email. You can also restore your WordPress website with the use of this backup service and be able to migrate it to a new server.

Online Backup For WordPress can backup your databases and send it through your email. It can also be stored on your computer or to different secure servers. This plugin can protect the sites of the WordPress and other data that is included.

VaultPress protects everything from your posts. It backs up the whole post including the comments, attachments and plugins, media are also included. It was said that it is able to give a full back up of 100%.

Lastly, the MyEASYBackup does a backup and compresses the file to a zip format and saves them. You can then easily download the file anytime you want.



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