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Best 3 domain name registrars

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Best 3 domain name registrars


A domain is the most important purchase you make when starting a blog. But choosing a good domain registrar can be a hard task because doing business with the wrong one can end in a disastrous way.

Lets start with some basics that you should know before you choose any registrar!

  • Only buy from ICANN-accredited registrar companies.
  • Make sure you have full domain control of the domain you buy. Don’t let another person to buy it for you and you must have your own name in the WHOIS database.
  • Check the registrar website, convenient user interface and sufficient knowledge-base is one of the most important criteria in a good domain registrar website.
  • Try to contact the support first and verify they response time. Reliable and efficient customer service is the key for good company.

So when you think, it’s time to register your domain name, which domain name registrar do you choose?

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We can name a dozen of domain name registrars, but based on BlogProcess experience and by order of preference, those 3 registrars are the best depending on:

  • Good pricing – Cheapest of the market.
  • free additional features.
  • Support responsive.
  • Website interface.
  • Variety of available TLDs, gTLDs…


1- Dynadot
Dynadot is my best and favorite registrar, All my domains are with them and I don’t think I’m going to leave this company.


2- Namecheap
Namecheap is a great registrar with a cheap price as their name tells. I love their free and paid additional features and recommend them.

3- Name
What I love most about Name, is their social media engagement strategy. Their prices are good and costumer support is always at time.




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