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Boost your exposure thru Timed Blog Post


Boost your exposure thru Timed Blog Post


Are you wondering if timing is still significant in online marketing where information is entered from time to time?

Nowadays, bloggers and social media users write their posts early and then set it on timely schedule. Do you think there’s an advantage in pre-written posts? In accurately speaking, yes there is; in an uncertain answer then – probably. Online marketers and community admins came up with a wise solution on how they can publish their promotions, articles, products at once. Through timed blog posts and with the help of the social media they were able to boost their public exposure in a certain amount of time and still able to gain a lot of audience.

Knowing the right time to use social media is another factor. A lot of businesses today promote their blog posts on weekdays. They thought users are active on these days however according to 2009 Wired Magazine survey 54% companies block Facebook and Twitter on workweek. Hence lots of readers would be spending a lot of time reading in the evening. Furthermore, you should regard several tips on when to use the social media to write your posts. Dan Zarella of Hubspot marketing conducted two years of research on this field and discovered that morning is not the most appropriate time to use the social media.



How about the best time to use the social media?

It is recommended to use Twitter between 11am to 5pm EST when click rates are highest. Retweets happens most on 2pm to 5pm. To determine the capacity of your retweets you just visit TweetWhen.com.

Now when it comes to Facebook, you should avoid linking your blog or website to Facebook multiple times in a day because it can distract users instead of inviting them to read your blog more. Aside from that, it’s best to publish links on weekends and off-peak hours because it is when users are free to search for something to read during their free time. When it comes to campaigning emails or sending promotional articles, the best time and day is Saturday between 4 to 5am. Professional publishers like Jane Friedman and Michael Hyatt are giving relevant tips with regards to sending emails. They consider such time as the most appropriate time to post and promote.

Always regard your readers’ response on your blog posts and social media updates. It is a very important key in this online marketing world. Of course, users and businesses responses vary. For instance, suppose you’re aiming for professional responses then make posts in the morning, Zarella says. On the other, if you are aiming US readers then focus on East Coast where population is the highest rate, meaning you’ll get more readers. If you are trying to increase your page views then determine the rate of your posts first. Suppose you can publish three posts daily then make timing for your posts. Tim Ferris, blogger and entrepreneur says that a terrible blog post is worse than no-posts. In 2008, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger says that his weekend posts are in mess unlike weekdays. Sharing his experiences on blogging to Daniel Zarella had verified the authenticity of the research. They discovered that readers read more on weekday mornings EST.

Therefore, online marketers can still reach the desired amount of readers on social networking sites on weekends and afternoons. On the other hand, if you are trying to target blog readers then you should publish your blog posts on weekday mornings. The numbers of readers of blog posts are low on weekends, nonetheless it is considered the best time to post your campaigns on social networking sites and send promotional emails because of small competition on getting more readers.



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