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Celebrate a New Parent in the Office With These 6 Gift Ideas


Celebrate a New Parent in the Office With These 6 Gift Ideas


If one of your coworkers is expecting a baby, it’s fun to celebrate their new arrival. Whether planning a baby shower or choosing an individual gift, it’s a good idea to see if the expectant parent has a baby registry to give you ideas. Here are some other ideas for gifts you could give your coworker to celebrate their new baby.

1. Give a Gift Card for Maximum Choices

Gift cards can give a new parent a choice of gifts. However, you might choose gift cards with a purpose, such as a month’s worth of meal delivery. You can gift the new parent with a visit to a day spa to soothe themselves after a tough day. To give your coworker some outfits for the baby, select a gift card for baby clothes.

2. Present Them With Some Flowers

Flowers make a joyful statement, and what better occasion for joy than a baby shower? According to the Society of American Florists, new babies are one of the most frequent occasions to buy flowers – along with birthdays and anniversaries. A bouquet would be a lovely gift, and you can select a vase that can be reused as a container for baby supplies.

3. Wrap the New Parent in Comfort

Being pregnant is physically uncomfortable, and after the baby’s birth, caring for a newborn will also take a toll on the mom’s body. Help the new parent find ways to relieve aches by giving them a neck massager or a foot wash. Both mom and baby can decompress with the gift of a stress relief candle that emits the calming scent of cedarwood. Give the expectant parent a range of pampering choices with a basket of supplies like soap, loofahs, and aromatherapy oils.

4. Set the Stage for the Future

One frequent occurrence at a baby shower is that most of the baby outfits received at the shower are typically sized for newborns or babies up to three months old. According to the Children’s Medical Center, children are generally thought to have five developmental stages: newborn, infant, toddler, preschool, and school-aged. Choose a gift that will have ongoing use, like a selection of children’s books.

5. Equip Them for Being Out and About

Once your co-worker gets ready to return to work, you can ease their excursions to work with some thoughtful gifts. A new parent will miss their baby and want to be able to check in, so a portable baby monitor would be a great gift. If you know your co-worker will be nursing the baby, she may appreciate a wireless breast pump. Everyone will want to see the latest pictures of the baby, so you might decide to buy a wireless picture frame, which comes with its own email address, to which she can send new photos as soon as they snap them on their phone.

6. Send a Gift that Shows You Understand

If your coworker’s baby is born with a physical challenge, you’ll want to give a gift that will be sensitive to the child’s limitations. For example, according to the Pediatric Movement Center, one of every 3,000 babies is born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC). If your coworker’s child has AMC, they will need long-term physical therapy treatments to move their arms and legs. Providing your coworker with a thoughtful gift basket may be the ideal solution!

When your co-worker is expecting, you will want to wish them well and buy a gift. It’s up to you whether you participate in a baby shower while she’s still pregnant or wait until the baby is born to choose a gift. If the gift you choose comes from your heart, the new parent will be grateful.