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Colombian Craftsmanship: A Rich and Diversified Source of Art and Opportunities


Colombian Craftsmanship: A Rich and Diversified Source of Art and Opportunities


Craftsmanship around the world is a reflection of culture and biodiversity of the country producing it. And the Colombian one is not very far from that.

Diversified Colombia

Colombia is offering a wide variety of materials to artisans that have allowed the development of a multitude of pre-Colombian cultures. And what makes the Columbian Craftsman unique is the fact that each one of them has developed its own craft by exchanging its products against those of its neighbours.

Colombia Craftsmanship Facts

It is estimated today that more than a million people live at least partly through crafts in Colombia.
This goes from parallel activities related to agricultural market and whose production is mainly intended for the national market, to the Columbian SME established in the capital whose activities are directed mainly to the North American and European Markets.

Colombian Craftsmanship Opportunitie

Many European companies are counting on the artistic and high taste of Colombian Craftsman to run some successful business around the content.

Using the quality product to design homes, offices or just a part of them. Or just using some of the crafted tools in the kitchen of those who prefer to be green and use a natural product. European businesses contact and import a great product that Colombian artist craft in a unique way. Which present a huge number of opportunities in term of use and business success possibilities.

Also, the Colombian government is particularly keen to bolster SMEs in the arts and handicrafts industry and support all the investment opportunities who are wanting to help post the Colombian Craftsmanship within Colombia or the ones who help to sell it around the world.

For example, last month, Artesanías de Colombia – an official institution with a direct mission to promote Colombia’s arts and crafts has inaugurated a huge exhibition and market show to exhibit the most beautiful and amazing crafted items produced by the best Colombian craftsman from all around the country. One of the many initiatives to encourage local and international SMEs to embarrass the Colombian heritage.

What kind of business ideas you can start by adopting the Colombian Craftsmanship?

In a country like France, the commodities made out of wood have great response and consumers are looking for items that are authentic and native from the region, and it is noteworthy to substantiate they are made in Colombia.

So, if you want to start a business that uses the Colombian Craftsmanship as their main activity, you can use one of or all these ideas:

  • You can start a gift shop in a local market, selling small, ethical, unique, and handmade products that people can gift to family members or friends.
  • You can open a homes design agency, where you can use the Colombian Craftsmanship products as the main inspiration source, because the Colombian art is full of diversity and it’s known for its colourful touch that will turn in place to a livable and fresh one. just by using a product or two to decorate it.
  • You can specialize in selling natural products, as all Colombian Craftsmanship products are based on 100% natural materials. Which can open huge opportunities for the kind and amount of products you can sell. And especially with the Europeans trend of using earth-friendly products more often.
  • If you love fashion, European ladies around the continent will love wearing Colombian products if you present them a fashionable way. Big fashion houses around the world, used the Colombian crafts as inspiration to sell some of the most expensive wearables and they made a huge success, so there is no reason for you not to try to get a cut of the market.

The opportunities identified by Colombian Craftsmanship are not limited to these few lines and ideas, but by being creative you can find more business idea to turn that artistic carfts to business opportunites.