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Corey Shader, Florida-Based Business Consultant Discusses 4 Growth Speed-Hacks All Entrepreneurs Can Use


Corey Shader, Florida-Based Business Consultant Discusses 4 Growth Speed-Hacks All Entrepreneurs Can Use


In the world of nearly constant technological innovation, knowing a few hacks on how to quickly grow your business will help you get a leg-up on your competition. Whether you are opening up shop at your new startup or you’re a longtime owner of a business, the following tips outlined by Corey Shader, an independent business consultant who works with clients who desire deeper levels of expertise in real estate and financial improvement, are speed-hacks that you can implement today:  

1- Make the Most of Your Online Persona:

One of the best ways to grow your business quickly is to make your online persona unique and noticeable. This means everything from your company’s webpage to your LinkedIn profile. In order to grow quickly and make the most of your user experience, you will have to be “on-brand” throughout various online platforms. When you share your company’s message and expertise with the world, you will be able to provide valuable information to your consumers. This will lead to the formation of trust as well as the desire for people to buy your product or use your services.

2- Create a Diligent Customer Service Team:

The growth of your business is largely contingent on your customer-base and their satisfaction. In order to achieve fast results, one speed-hack that is recommended is to be prompt in dealing with any customer feedback you may receive. Create a team of dedicated specialists that will reply to queries and assuage conflicts with your consumers as soon as possible. As instant gratification becomes more and more prevalent, businesses have to be able to change their business models around that as well. By ensuring customer satisfaction with prompt and to-the-point responses, your business will start changing instantaneously.

3- Launch a Reward Program:

If there’s something everyone loves, it’s a loyalty program where points or stamps add up to an award. Loyalty programs started with restaurants handing out punch cards, but they have morphed into a growth-hack that can increase the progress of your business steadily and with speed. Try an online version of the punch card if your business is a consumer-facing platform on the internet—every purchase or service renewal could compound to ultimately achieving a free an item to be delivered or a service to be discounted a certain amount.

4- Instill a Need for Urgency:

When things are on the verge of being sold-out, people purchase with less hesitation. Countdown timers, tickers with the quantity of the item decreasing, and limited edition deals are all incentives for customers to buy more quickly and in turn, to help increase your growth and profit-margin more readily. The compelling aspect of these timers and deals helps customers make decisions on a more impulsive basis and usually, the decisions are not ones they later feel badly about either; rather they feel lucky to have snagged the right deal at the right time.

Using the tools mentioned above will help entrepreneurs in all areas of business increase the growth of their companies at a speedy rate. Growth strategies should always take the needs of the customer into account and once your business can give the consumers what they desire, quick, sure-fire growth is inevitable.

About Corey Shader: Corey Shader is an independent business consultant. Driven by his passion for helping others achieve their goals, he takes pride in bringing out the best in others. Based in Florida, Shader is well known for his involvement with startup companies helping with customer acquisition, streamlining processes, and maximizing their overall bottom line.


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