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Cyrus Baseghi Shares How To Get More Sales Opportunities

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Cyrus Baseghi Shares How To Get More Sales Opportunities


When you are trying to grow your business, you need to find as many customers as you can. However, you may not know where to start. Your small business will grow when you use the tips listed below. You can try each option independently, or you could invest money in one item before moving on to something else. As your business grows, you can focus on the marketing ideas that work the best. Review this list any time you have questions about growing your business.

Use Social Media As Much As Possible

Top sellers like Cyrus Baseghi recommend that you use social media as much as possible. Social media offers you several platforms that allow you to reach different types of people. You can sign up for Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. You can post pictures, events, and information on social media. Plus, you can engage in playful banter with other companies.

When people get to know your business because of social media, they will remember you when they need what you sell or offer. You should talk to people on social media, offer special discounts for social media followers, and encourage your followers to share your posts as part of each contest.

Also, you can cross-promote social media. You can post stories on Instagram that tell people to check out your posts. You can create a video on YouTube that acts as a commercial, and the video will tell people to follow you on social media. You can post your website link in the bio for every social media account you have. Also, you can use social media to promote events that will happen at your office.

If people cannot attend your live events, they can follow along on social media. You can even host a contest just for people who are following along on social media.

Purchase An Email List

You can purchase an email list that contains leads in your area. When you purchase these lists, you must check the reviews for the company that sells it. You need to know that the company does a good job creating their lists, and you should not buy a new list until you have exhausted the list you have.

You might want to purchase client lists from companies that are closing or people that are retiring. You can take over a fairly large client list when you know someone who is leaving the business. You can ask the seller to send a notification to all their clients, and you can greet all these clients with an email of your own. You will automatically grow your company, and you can make more money if you retain even a portion of the retiree’s customers.

Go To Community Networking Events

You should go to community networking events to get to know people who work in your industry. When you work with people in your industry, they can refer clients to you when you are capable of helping them better. You can pass on clients that might be better suited for someone else, and you can avoid a contentious relationship with local vendors.

Also, you need to get to know people who might use your services. You can meet business owners in the area that need your help, or you might get referrals from the people that you meet at these events. When you come to these events with your spouse or partner, you can meet even more people.

A business owner’s partner might tell their friends that they met you at an event, and you will get even more referrals.

Sponsor Community Events, Parks, And Youth Sports Teams

You might want to sponsor local events or sports teams. You can buy the jerseys for a youth sports team, and you can put the name of your company on the jersey. You can hang a banner for your company around the field where the kids play, and you could even buy their trophies. your company gets a lot of publicity because all the parents attend these games, and you can sponsor more teams every year after getting more referrals.

If you are sponsoring local events, you should ask for a moment to address the crowd. You can get to know people when they come to these events, and you can put a face with the name of your company. This is a simple way for you to make a difference in the community, and people might come back to your events because they were so much fun.

You could start your own community events that bring people together, and you will have hundreds or even thousands of people come to each event.

Encourage Referrals

You must encourage referrals as much as possible. When your customers get a receipt, you can encourage referrals on the receipt. You can encourage referrals online, and you can ask your customers to leave online reviews. You must keep business cards on your person at all times. This helps you make sure that everyone gets a card. You should leave business cards at local businesses, and you should start conversations with people you meet.

You never know when someone needs the services you provide. Plus, you might meet someone like a barista who makes your coffee. The two of you will talk about something their friend needs, and you can give them a business card to pass on to their friend.


When you study these tips, you can follow up with Cyrus Baseghi if you have any more questions. You can improve your business because you are investing in marketing and referrals. You are using free social media accounts, and you are getting to know people in your community. You might meet people during the day who need your business card, and you can encourage your customers to refer you to their friends. Also, you should network with other people in your industry because you can share clients/referrals to ensure everyone is happy.