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Five Health Tips Every Blogger Shouldn’t Ignore


Five Health Tips Every Blogger Shouldn’t Ignore


If you are a blogger or a freelancer, it means that your work on your computer all the day long, you may unconsciously be setting your body up for a number of health problems.
But to keep yourself in a good shape, listed here six body parts that any computer user should focus on:

1- The Mind:
After a long period in front of your screen, you will feel like a dizzy person. So to keep your mind healthy, try to structure your tasks using a task manager and take rest when needed, usually every 45 minutes.
A 10 minutes meditation or walk from time to time is very recommended.

2- The Eyes:
Staring at the computer screen for a long time can increase vision problems as TV does.
To protect your eyes:
– Look away from your computer screen for 10 seconds every 1/2 hour.
– Take a 10-15 minute break each 1 hour away from the computer screen.
– Check in with your optometrist regularly and ask if you need glasses.

3- The Back:
One of the most common injuries related to Home based work is back pain. To prevent serious pain problems, it is ideal that you invest in an ergonomic and healthy desk chair.

4- The Wrists:
Bloggers spend the majority of their days typing and typing. And this can really hurt their wrist.
To solve this problem, do some hands movement from time to time. And invest in a good keyboard that keeps your wrists in an ideal position while typing.

5- The Sleep:
When it comes time to go to bed at the end of the day, leave your computer where it belongs.


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