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Gary Brewster in Oneida, TN, Serial Entrepreneur, Describes How to Build Long-Lasting Relationships with Your Customers


Gary Brewster in Oneida, TN, Serial Entrepreneur, Describes How to Build Long-Lasting Relationships with Your Customers


As a business owner, you undoubtedly understand the importance of your customer base to the ongoing success of your company. After all, they provide revenue, positive reviews, and strong word-of-mouth marketing. As such, developing a strong and long-lasting relationship with your customers can often be the key to continued growth within your industry.

If your company would like to cultivate client relationships such as this, the following tips detailed by a successful businessman, Gary Brewster of Oneida, are likely to come in handy:

Master the human touch

The continued growth of e-commerce has caused the business world to become more and more impersonal. Customers click on some buttons, type in their credit card digits, and are then assigned an order number. It is all very clinical. However, customers prefer to be treated as a person – not just a number. As such, companies who wish to develop a relationship with their customers might try to take a more personal approach to sales and marketing. For example, “you might want to consider sending them a quick message on their birthday to show that you care about them,” suggested Mr. Brewster.

Manage negative customers head-on

A successful business doesn’t just ignore negative reviews or comments – it tackles them head-on. By engaging with unhappy customers, it shows that you are invested in their satisfaction and are interested in improving your product or service. This will not only strengthen your relationship with your disgruntled customers but will also impress your otherwise happy customers.

Create interesting content

When a customer visits your company’s YouTube or Facebook page, they don’t want to be bombarded with marketing and promotional content. Instead, they want to see intriguing or educational content. This might include videos that show how a product is made or even a behind the scenes tour of your offices. By giving the customer something fun to interact with, you are giving them a reason to keep coming back to your social media feed and your business as a whole.

Develop a loyalty program

One of the best ways to keep a customer interested in returning to your business is to incentivize them to do so. To accomplish this, you can develop a loyalty program. If the customer knows that they will receive a little something extra by continuing to buy from your business, they are likely to continue doing exactly that.

By following the tips and advice contained in this article, you will be able to develop long-lasting relationships with your clients – and loyal and dedicated customer base such as that can be any company’s greatest asset.

About Gary Brewster:

Gary Brewster of Oneida, TN has led an impressive career as a successful business owner in his 25 years working in the commercial roofing industry in Oneida, Tennessee.  He is a trusted business leader who diligently helps customers solve any roofing issues or concerns. Through his commitment to grow successful businesses in the community, Gary has also invested in other industries such as Brewco LLC., TN KY Pawn, and T&T Car Wash.

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