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Helpful Tips in trying out your own blog and making improvements


Helpful Tips in trying out your own blog and making improvements


Test-running your own blogs helps a lot to improve your own blog site. First time bloggers have difficulty in running their blogs the way they wanted it to be. Nonetheless, your first days of blogging are not the only time to test-run your blog. You can test-run your blog whenever you have new additions like a plug-in, widget or theme, as well as when you upgrade the software you use for blogging.




Here are several essential tips that would help in test-running your blog site:

  • Take someone’s shoes- Imagine you do not own the site and you are simply a regular reader. How do you see the blog site? What are the improvements it needs?
    Your blog site would not appear similar to every user especially if they use different browsers. When you open your blog using different browsers the devices, screen sizes and other features would not look the same. Nonetheless, this is not the case. What you need is to make your blog site user-friendly on different browsers.
  • Look for repairs and improvements- Does your blog experiences technical problems such as problems in displaying in certain web browsers? Does your blog contain broken links, grammar errors and spelling mistakes and poor construction of sentences? Does your blog load really slow and get error when opened through Internet Explorer? Or is your blog unorganized and features and accessories are placed in mess? These are the things you have to straighten out.
  • Test-running your blog- Open your blog in a different browser and check how it looks like. Then use different devices in opening your blog site. Try it on Mac if you usually use your desktop, on mobile phone, iPad and tablet PC. Perhaps you can try it on Nintendo Wii. Furthermore, try if it looks fine on maximized browser and narrower browser, as well as on smaller screen and on mobile phone and iPad.
  • Write down the results of your tests- Upon testing your blog you will be able to fix certain issues easily. However, if the problem rises again after a long period of time you will need reference how you get the knack of it. Thus, get a pen and paper and write down the tests you made and how you were able to fix certain issues on your blogs.

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