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How Can Your Dental Business Be More Eco-Friendly?


How Can Your Dental Business Be More Eco-Friendly?


If you have decided to open your own dental office, you may decide to commit to making it eco-friendly. Your opportunity to open your business will be an investment in your dental skills and your business management principles. According to Business Wire, the market for dental services was worth over $47 billion in 2021. Here are some tips to consider!

Defining Eco-Friendly Dentistry

Any company can take time to consider all the aspects of its business practice to minimize any adverse environmental impact the business may have on its community. Dental companies can use those principles in many ways without negatively impacting their clients. An eco-friendly dental practice uses biodegradable materials with minimal water and energy. Advancements in technology have made it possible for dentists to take care of clients in ways that use less energy and create less waste.

Digitize Client and Accounting Records

Digital client records and treatment plans will save paper, and by doing so, they will also save storage space. Creating digital records also means less wasted paper. In addition to records, you can also digitalize your dental x-rays. If you choose digital X-rays, this method will emit 75% less radiation exposure to your client than traditional X-rays.

Look for Ways to Save Water and Energy

Your business must use some energy, but your energy choices can conserve natural resources like water and energy. One of the wisest energy choices is to employ a smart thermostat and lighting system, which will regulate your lights and temperature. Choose LED light bulbs, which will provide adequate lighting and temperature control with less energy and a longer duration. Installing low-flow faucets and toilets will use, and waste, less water.

Look for Opportunities to Recycle

Some of the everyday items a dentist uses can be recycled or reused (after sterilization.) Devising a company-wide policy for recycling paper, plastic, cardboard, and amalgam can be implemented with clearly labeled bins or containers. Assigning a person or committee to monitor the team’s implementation of the recycling policy can help your company remain dedicated to the recycling plan. According to the American Dental Association, by using an amalgam separator to recycle excess amalgam, you can eliminate any traces of the amalgam in the office’s wastewater – and you will decrease the risk of plumbing congestion.

Use Propane-Powered Appliances

Although propane gas isn’t used in dental procedures, some appliances in the dental office can be powered by propane. Statistics show propane produces about 43% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. You might use a propane-powered water heater and keep a propane-powered generator for emergencies. The future may show business planners have even more possibilities to utilize this energy-efficient gas.

Capitalize on Small Changes for a Big Impact

Many of the small decisions you make can help your office to be more “green.” When planning the layout of your office, maximize any opportunity to capture and use the natural light that shines into the office to decrease the electricity bill. By placing indoor plants around the office, you will filter the air and remove any toxins. Instead of using bottled water, invest in a water filter, so you can safely use tap water. <:p>

According to the CDC, over one-quarter of America’s adults have untreated cavities. Knowing this, it’s even more critical to plan your dental office with these eco-friendly measures. There’s also no reason why you can’t publicize your commitment to green practices in your company’s marketing campaign. Remember these suggestions!