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How Should a Floral Shop Market Itself Online?


How Should a Floral Shop Market Itself Online?


If you love flowers, opening a florist business may seem like a dream job. However, for your business to succeed, you’ll have to develop a successful marketing campaign. According to Brandon Galilee, business prospects for online flower shops were projected to have increased by almost 3% during 2023. Here are some tips you can consider when planning your marketing strategy:

Convince Prospective Clients to Browse Your Website

According to Forbes, a prospective client will conclude a business within seven seconds when visiting their business headquarters. That will be true for in-person visitors to your store, but it can also apply to those who come to your company’s website. Although many online florists will feature pictures of beautiful flower arrangements, you should use a unique feature to make your business stand out. You might post a link to a flower arrangement video or feature a quiz that asks, “What kind of flowers suit your personality?”

Educate Blog Followers on Floral Topics

A monthly blog about floral topics can attract the interest of people whose need for flowers will occur months later. For example, a person planning a future wedding may read your blog about wedding flowers a few months in advance, and your company name could stay in their mind when it’s time for them to shop for flowers. If your blog is well-written, it may earn you an invaluable reputation as a place that “knows about flowers.” Use your blog to promote things you do well, like small group arrangements.

Engage Your Community at Local Events

Make your company’s name known in your community by presenting a community display of your talent. According to Harvard Business Review, talking to a potential client is almost 35 times more effective than an online presentation. Displaying some fresh arrangements, along with a scrapbook filled with work from previous clients, will catch the eye of people who have future events on their minds. You could make daisy chains to order or sell flowerpots with colorful succulents.

Motivate Possible Buyers with Coupons and Promos

While prospective clients are on your website, please give them a good reason to buy flowers. For example, if clients are seeking a place to buy wedding flowers, post a coupon that will provide the men’s flowers for no charge when they pay for the bride’s flowers and a specific number of bridesmaids’ bouquets. Another idea would be to offer a percentage of the price of flowers for an event. Some florists enlist repeat corporate accounts with a similar discount.

Use Networking to Inspire Collaboration

Networking is a great business tool, and it helps bring your company name to the attention of other businesses in your area. Other florists may be able to refer you to clients they cannot help. Collaboration may occur when you join other companies as part of an event. A great example would be a wedding; you could join a catering company, a tuxedo rental store, and a wedding DJ at a venue that acquaints couples with your team’s services.

Review Client Feedback and Publish Reviews

After an event, you should provide a survey for clients to give you feedback or an online review. You can learn a lot from client feedback and use constructive criticism to improve your performance. Publishing positive reviews will be an excellent way to let prospective clients know your company offers top-quality work. You can even include a business card on the arrangements you deliver, and some recipients may be inspired to patronize your business when they need flowers.

You can craft an excellent website and create an effective social media presence to offer an ideal platform for digital marketing. In addition to your online presence, you’ll need to develop networking contacts. Ads in your local paper that provide free delivery within a specific area can inspire local purchases.