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How to Advertise Your Business on Instagram’s Threads App

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How to Advertise Your Business on Instagram’s Threads App


Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram launched a new app in 2023, Threads, touted as a Twitter killer. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Threads does not offer an advertising option, so business owners might wonder how they can use it to advertise their products. Develop subtle methods of advertising already in use in the experiential marketing field. Read on to learn how to do this.

Meta Addresses Internet Users’ Desire for Actual Meaningful Conversation

The Threads App lets users engage in relevant conversations that address a single topic. That means whether you’re among the 43% of Tennesseans in the process of a divorce or you and your former spouse need to modify your custody agreement, you can find a thread devoted to the topic on Threads and join it to participate. That means an experienced family law attorney can also join the conversation to meaningfully contribute to the conversation with information that addresses related legal rights issues.

A Company’s Social Media Influencers Can Post Relevant Responses

Meta developed Threads to address problems with spam and junk posts that developed on Facebook and Instagram. It didn’t open with an advertising platform included to try to provide existing Instagram users a way to engage in meaningful conversations with others who have experienced the same problem, such as a long-distance move that requires hiring a mover – something that 21.7% of U.S. residents have had to do, according to the AMSA. If your company already has experienced social media influencers, ask them to register for Threads and join directly related threads.

Avoid joining unrelated threads, since that can result in you or your influencers getting banned. Meta designed Threads to encourage information-sharing among users. That means avoiding posting to a thread about cryptocurrency with the link to your moving company’s website or letting anyone else do it.

Start Meaningful Threads that Offer Solutions to Common Problems

Let’s say you sell worker’s compensation insurance or work as a personal injury attorney. Instead of only joining threads, start some that address the various problems experienced by the more than 2 million workers the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports sustained an on-the-job injury in 2021. Use brevity, active verbs, and easy-to-understand language because Threads offers 500 characters per post.

Hire a Professional Marketer to Develop Ideas and Posts

If all of these suggestions sound as if they will take up a lot of your time, they would if you did it all alone. Hire a professional publicist, advertising consultant, SEO writer, or marketing consultant to ideate blog post titles for you. Have them write short blogs and a few pithy responses to common follow-up questions for your business.

Train an Executive Assistant to Post to Threads

Avoid treating social media advertising like something anyone could do. People successful in this area earned college degrees in advertising, marketing, or journalism. Train one individual at your business to properly post and respond to threads on Threads. Proper posting means following all of the rules of Threads, using social media best practices, and understanding the language used in the threads.

The Threads App offers everyone throughout the world a way to converse, so your company’s Threads representative needs to fully understand the language of any post they respond to on the app. Assign a separate individual to author responses to each language’s posts; this may require sometimes hiring a translator to translate the question and author the response or translate your response for your assistant to post.

Subtle Advertising Using Threads App Can Attract New Customers

The Threads App requires a significant time investment; another reason Meta thinks it will reduce spam. It doesn’t offer a mass way to post, nor can a person create more than one account. In fact, a user can only create a Thread account if they already have an Instagram account. That stops spammers who got banned from Instagram from jumping networks.

A business can use the app to advertise its products or services. It cannot purchase advertising to do so though. Only by participating in relevant conversations respectfully and without spamming can a business or social media influencer succeed on Threads.