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How To Choose The Best Domain For Your Blog

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How To Choose The Best Domain For Your Blog


Despite there being so many blogs, thousands new get started every day. This is not surprising really, as blog posting has become a good way to make money from the internet these days. If you have a flair for writing and have been getting praise for your views, you can easily start your blog post. But have you chosen the best domain name for your blogs? Surprised? What’s in a name they say, but in the case of blogging, the reverse holds true.

  • Choose a name that has some relevance to your writings. The visitors should have an inkling of the business you do by just reading your domain name. They are mentally prepared as to what they are going to get when the name is related to your business.
  • If you wish to have visitors in hordes, try to think the likely words that come in their minds when they type in search engines like Google and Yahoo for topics related to your business. This is a SEO technique and if you cannot come up with such words, you can take help of SEO experts to improve the ranking of your blog.
  • Instead of a single word name, make use of 3-4 words and include them in your name to increase the chances of showing up in top results of any search on search engines.
  • Internet itself can be of great help in choosing a good name for your domain. There are sites that suggest best names for your domain depending upon the topic of your interest.
  • If you also wish to have a logo for your domain, make sure the name you choose connects with it or inspires people to think of that picture in some way.
  • Finally, .com ( in the aftermarket ) is more costly than other domains, but it is also the best when it comes to generating traffic. If you can afford, use a .com address.

If the name of your domain is catchy and has a good recall value, rest assured it will become popular in a shorter time period than a name which is hard to remember. Your domain name it is which creates an impression on the reader even before he has gone through the content, and so choosing the domain name carefully is a prerequisite that many bloggers fail to pay attention to, and pay the price. Remember, people can come back to see your blog posts only if the remember the name in their address bar.


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