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How to Keep Yourself Safe as a Motorcyclist


How to Keep Yourself Safe as a Motorcyclist


As a motorcyclist, you probably always hear how unsafe it is to be one. On the one hand, the naysayers are right. Many motorcycle accidents occur each year. However, the number of non-motorcycle-related fatalities and injuries is staggering as well. Nevertheless, these are some things you can do to protect yourself as a motorcyclist.

1. Wear the Right Gear

The first and most important part of motorcycle safety is wearing the required protective gear. For example, many people don’t want to wear helmets because they won’t look ‘cool.’ Motorcycle helmets save lives, though, and wearing one is a law in most states.

MicOwner’s survey revealed that the median age for motorcycle riders is 50. If you are in that age bracket, it’s high time to make decisions that aren’t based on ‘coolness.’ You can always spend some extra time shopping for your helmet if you’re worried about how it looks. A good sales representative will have no problem helping you find something that makes you look more like a rebel. The difference is that you’ll be a smart rebel, not an injured one. You should be able to snag one for a good price, especially if you live in Florida. The sales tax is only 6% there.

2. Inspect Your Bike

The next thing you’ll need to do to protect yourself is to start inspecting your bike. It would help if you got into the habit of looking at your bike before riding. Do this every time, and don’t be selective about it. Check your tires to ensure you don’t have low pressure or objects in them that might cause them to pop.

Check your fuel levels so you don’t run out while on the road. Check all visible nuts and bolts to ensure that nothing comes loose on your bike. You get the picture. Take care of yourself, and don’t allow an accident to happen.

It might also be a good idea to create a will if you ride a motorcycle. Legal Zoom says 30% of people have no idea if either parent has a will. Everyone should have one so that things go smoothly once they pass away. Unfortunately, many people leave their families with many problems because they don’t take the time to write a will. You can break that habit by contacting an attorney to help you create one today.

3. Avoid Inclement Weather

One of the most protective things you can do for yourself is to avoid riding your bike in inclement weather. Attractions and personal thrills aren’t worth putting yourself in danger. You can always ride on another day.

Try to find an alternative method to get to your destination if the weather is bad, but you still must get somewhere. Ask a friend to take you to work or request a rideshare. Cars are much more capable of surviving bad weather conditions than motorcycles are. If you’re facing the worst of situations, you might even consider not going to work that day at all.

4. Don’t Distract Yourself

Ensure you do not distract yourself while operating a motorcycle. Never engage in a phone conversation while riding that type of vehicle. Also, ensure you get enough sleep and remain alert while on the road. It’s important to stay sharp and signal other drivers when you’re out there. If you’re on social media, be sure to stay off the phone.

5. Don’t Drink and Ride

Avoid riding a motorcycle shortly after you have an alcoholic beverage or take prescription medication. Even some over-the-counter medications can lower your judgment and reaction time, so you must also avoid riding under the influence of those. Put off your ride for as many hours as you need to regain your faculties.

You should also avoid getting on a motorcycle anytime you are emotionally distraught or upset. People tend to drive erratically when their emotions are rocky. One of the most caring things you can do for yourself is not to entertain the idea of riding like that. Please give yourself plenty of time to cool off and wait until your emotional state is well.

Some of these tips may seem like no-brainers, but many people lose all sense once the thrill of being on a motorcycle hits them. Use the tips mentioned above to help yourself stay safe, so your family never has to survive without you.