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How to Resolve Unpaid Fines


How to Resolve Unpaid Fines


Sometimes, in the pursuit of saving money, we make choices that cost us more money. For example, if you have unpaid fines and think you can save money by ignoring the reminders that you have to pay the fines, you are seriously mistaken. The only way to save money on fines is to pay them ASAP. Here is how you can handle unpaid fines and potentially save money.

Do Not Ignore Unpaid Fines

One of the absolute worst things to do if you have pending fines is to ignore them. Fines never just mysteriously disappear. As a matter of fact, fines have been known to show up after 25 years, and more, after they were issued, are left unpaid. Today, thanks to hyperconnectivity, fines can stick around for a long time and may leave you unable to do things like renewing your driver’s license.

The best way to deal with unpaid fines, whether they are parking tickets or are business related, is to address them head-on. According to Sharps Medical Waste Services, hazardous waste noncompliance in the pharmaceutical industry can result in daily fines of up to $37,500 per day. Even parking tickets really start to add up with a $10 per day past the due date fine in some locations if tickets are not paid.

Waiting for the fine to go away is not a solution. You should take action as soon as possible to minimize costs. Addressing the problem head-on can help save money.

Plead Your Case

One of the potential consequences of not paying fines when they are done is to add more money to the fine. For example, let’s say you got a $25 fine for flirting on the streets of Buffalo, NY (according to old NYS law, you can get charged a fine for public flirting), and you don’t pay the fine. You likely will have more money added to the fine for a late penalty.

In almost every case where a fine is issued, there is an opportunity to plead your case. In some instances, you can submit a written statement to the authority that issued the fine and provide an explanation. In some cases, you can ask for hardship relief if you can’t pay the entire fine at once. If you ask for hardship relief and are granted the relief, it will help you save money.

You May Need Professional Help

In some cases, the best way to save money on unpaid fines is to hire a lawyer. Whether a lawyer is right for your situation or not largely depends on how old the unpaid fines are, how much you owe, and what the potential repercussions of the fine are. For example, if you have parking tickets or driving tickets that are older and very expensive, but you need to renew your license, you may want to hire a lawyer to help.

Many people find that investing money in a lawyer actually will save money on old unpaid fines and reduce the repercussions of not paying them when you should. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment lawyers are projected to grow by 10% over the next decade, but they are not the only type of lawyer that is enjoying a great deal of growth. Lawyers provide valuable services when you get unpaid fines.

Take It To Court

If you get a driving ticket or another type of ticket that comes with a fine and you have the option of going to court to fight it, go to court. You may not win the case, but the judge has the power to reduce the amount of your fine. You can also ask for an extension to pay, which can make paying the fine in installments easier.

If you want to save money on unpaid fines and you can dispute it in court, take it to court. Learn more about the best way to solve your unpaid fines and save money while you are at it.