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Interview with Henning Christian Madsen, Water For Life’s Founder


Interview with Henning Christian Madsen, Water For Life’s Founder


1- Hello, can you please tell us who Henning is?
I was born in 1965, married, family father, worked with environment-friendly development since 1987, in aquaculture, hydroponic, renewable energy, water cleaning, farming technology, and human disease control.
Have In the time make own patent, and been the backbone/promoter to many new exciting patents, build around the globe.
By educations, have I over the last 30 year continuously, make it possible to building on existing knowledge, in the beginning, it was agronomy, later with programming, technical constructor, engineering, management, teacher and lately like a supervisor for upcoming MBA candidate in economy & management.
Most of my time have I hit the holistic life and work perspective in my actions, without focusing at financial personal growing. Now, I have it wonderful, surrounded by lovely dogs and a great nature for hiking and fishing.
Look forward to making the great change for big populations, and deliver hope for the further of my children and yours.

2- How do you describe “Water For Life” for our readers?
Yea, the name is not new, for a decade have different organisations tried. But, there is a big difference in this Vision, compared with another project there have been making the last 40 – 50 year.
Normal only 10 to 20% of aide went to the actuality target areas.
We will instead gear the founding, from the world populations with over 1000 times, and also be a Guarantee for the project deliver water for many years true the furthers generations.
Many have ask, why not at country could put this through – but I must disappoint them to tell this is to in-portent, am must be cared out by the UN, and the Worldbank.
To make wells in the desert, do only deliver a little amount of water, and have a limit lifetime, the water in the ground in this dried areas do constantly decrease out and it will only be at the matter of time before they dry out.

3- How did you come up with the idea to start a business in this field?
It’s not actually a business, but don in a spirit of humanitarian act – I do not get paid now with money, but my knowledge this Vision will become tough do satisfy me.
I work as a volunteer like all other do in this organisations – only external cost will be covered by our financial supporters.
We have a supporting company where I worked in earlier, and they have agreed to cover the initial cost for a limited period.
I going public with this Vision now, after I have hit this knowledge for the year, have I not seen any actions in the real great directions to solve the human suffering, a shortage to access drinking water and food.
Sahara’s desert, do just grow year for year, and now do also neighbour country in the region feel this negative effect.
Today lot of refuge arrives Europa, especially from the array of northern Africa, it has open my eyes to predict the outcome, if we not immediately take some serious action. The risk of bad destabilisations in Europe, and the grow of the world’s populations from now and to 2050 is estimated to count near 10 billiards in population on the earth.
So concert actions are now necessary..
If the world populations due raise with 20 – 30% in the next 3 generations, must we take some actions in advance, to prevent the catastrophic outcome of the human’s existence on the globe Earth, in the further?

4- Where do you think “Water For Life” is making an impact and who is organisation typical beneficiary?
We will all be beneficial, from this type of act, not only the population in actual areas around the desert. My believe it could bring some stability and hope for a lot of humans.
Water-For-Life org. will be a global union jointed by you/me “small” people, their going together – and explain great nations about the true need, and at the same time showing how it will be possible to implement and assist in this progress.
By our joining to the price “Best social humanitarian act of 2016” keep by IFE London next March, do we believe it will be possible, to get some engagement by some of the Wolds largest company, there is have this like a politic in their business politic.
Of course, one the main reason/impact will save a lot of lives, and deliver people reasonable living conditions – But we stay over for a gigantic climate challenge, and one of them are risk at we over time have the world populations make impact at the gulf-stream, scientific research do show lowering of the salt content in the northern part of the stream, and they have to make it clear, the risk-factor of this naturally global water-pump will de-thread by thinning out the sea with fresh water – and it one of the reasons to reorganise some of the logistical outlets, and I Norway will this be a pretty easy task. And at the same time provide a great amount of freshwater to desert region.

5- Greening the Sahara before 2030, tell us more, please?
Sahara a real count 9.2 million km2, and the amount of yearly raining is limited to only 100 – 150 mm per year, dependable of actual locations. It does not come stable over the year but is concentrate to some short rain periods.
The effect of delivering a great amount of freshwater to this array will not only be limited to the new farmland areas but giving living conditions for plant and animal in at least twice as the great surrounding.
Farmland in the northern Africa and Saudi Arabia is estimated to consist of more than 400 aquaponic farms, with an areal of 1.000-hectare land (3150 meter X 3150 meter, or 1784 meter in radius). The distance between each farm will generally be 50-100 km.
The farm constructions must be provided with a decent microclimate, and be covered with Mylon plastic coated with a reflecting film, to block 35% of the Sun radiations, and give a reduction by 300 W/m2.
Deployment cost for this aqua-pond system do still need to be calculated, and we look forward to the audience to come with some reasonable ideas and cost estimate.
Growing efficiency is scheduled to give 10 kg/m2 of vegetables, and 1 kg. of fish per square meters.
Water estimate will be 4 part/litre of water going to produce 1 kg of food. 1 litre will evaporate from the installation, and by the cooling system – 2 litre will evaporate from the plant/vegetables itself. And finally, 400 gramme will be recovered and used to drinking water.
The cost of using water from this pipeline will be able to get as low, then 1 cent per produced kilo of human food. In considerations, the Worldbank do accept a project payback time at 100 years.
Daily food production will past 20 million tonnes, don over a distance at 5.500 km, this in itself will give 1,5 milliard daily meals, consist of up to 14MJ – divided between vegetables and fish too; Fat-energy 200g, carbohydrate 560g, protein 480g and finally dietary fibre at 140 gramme.
The other ½ milliard will be able to cultivate crops, because of great raise in rain at the night, where the temperature drops and the days evaporate 55 million cubic meters of water will condense, and falling like rainwater.
Estimated micro climate change in the array of the desert region will be in a radius around each farm, to have a transportation of water vapour to fall between 500 to 700 kilometre away, dependable of wind direction, and speed of the clouds. And it is estimated more than 5.500.000.000 m2 will get a daily 10 mm rain.
Greening the desert – Over times, when lager part of the desert again will be green, will it accelerate to change the climate and also bring in more water from the Mediterranean sea together from the North Atlantic Ocean. We need to run some more model and hope her to get help by international wetter forecast centre, to run some god predictable calculations.

6- How can we help “Water For Life” to achieve this goal?
Like Patricia Espinosa, FN Climate chef say here to the Norwegian population about the upcoming Changement, not will be a success if not the all world population joint together, and she also comes with great recommendations at organisations like us, joints and let things happened.
Many great things will not be developed by government’s and big firms but in the movement of people, their joint their ambitions, will and a minimum of the work force.
The task force fore this year!
Will bee to collect a suitable group of the voluntary entrepreneur to work out this project, all will be both appreciate, and honoured with some form of reward when the Water for Life project will be up and running. All directly cost must we in the organisations take care at, from now, and to the finish line.
So we look for an individual person, and university, organisations and firms their see the advance to make a difference for a great deal of the world population.
Work together we unit..
The movement to bring forward decent living conditions to over 10% of the world population, demand a lot of effort – And it’s only possibly when many work together – all efforts will, at that way do a big difference, etc, if you only have time to spend 10-15 minutes by posting to your friends – will the statistical showing up at least one person/firm for itch 1.000 sharing, there is able to spend at least one hour per day, to make the foundations to unit country’s and organization together with great firm worldwide…
So when we want to make the life more decent for 2 billiard people, do we need YOU, and 199.999 more people to do 10 – 15 minutes work with sharing. So your time matters, with the knowledge about YOU WILL make the change for thousands of people. Please share and being proud of your humanity.
You will be able to copy and past to friends, at facebook, twitter, and radio/TV stations, magazine and other media like locale television stations. Happy work, to save a lot of life.

7- Do you work with other NGOs and who are the organisation partners?
we have sent out a request to some selected organisations – and do also suggest our reader do the same – We will look at each individual NGO philosophy, and purpose, before they will be the note like a co-operate partnership. We have a form, on our webpage, it is necessary to fill in – so evaluations cane been don.
At the moment have we only refused some, and other do now the requested work, to filling our forms request.

8- Sure Africa is our world Promised Land, but what does the continent represent to you?
Africa is for me only in my mind a part of the globe – have not any relationship to this area specific. My concern is more about the climate refugee we now are witness to. On the lack of decent living conditions.
Have earlier self-finance a farm to a family in Congo back in 2008/9, and finance the goat project through Red Cross.
And when I look in the past – none of this inattentive do make the enhancement. Only a small amount of the investment rich the final receiver.
Over decades have I get bombarded with images of suffering people, and all I earlier talk with saying it will be solved by governments.
Now, I will claim this will newer happen. So it’s time for us to join, to make a great movement, make the desert green again.

9- You are only covering Africa for now; do you plan to cover other international places as well?
North Africa and Saudi Arabian, Spain, will be covered in this project, and possibly also Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, it dependable of final layout, and access to collect/recycle clean freshwater from the counties of central Europa.
I do believe, this project will be able to copy to other areas of the world, but I’m at this moment, not have sufficient knowledge abut need/geography and possibility.

10- The last word?
I look forward to working with all of you. Today we have access to around 250 cabins, with own toilet and bath. And a secretary centre to keep 150 – 200 persons. A new cafeteria is just been built to serve near the same amount of people. We work at the Norwegian government do cover the cost of accommodations, only extra cost will be the food in the new restaurant.

To connect with Henning on social media, visit:
Water For Life on Twitter,
– Henning Madsen on Youtube,
– Water For Life on Facebook,
– Henning Madsen on Facebook.

And you can also visit the organisation and initiative websites on:
– www.water-for-life.org
– www.hcm-development.eu


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