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Interview With David Hernandez, Client Manager At Pacific Collection Group


Interview With David Hernandez, Client Manager At Pacific Collection Group


Hello David, Can you please introduce yourself?

Hi there, I’m David Hernandez. I am a representative of Pacific Collection Group. We focus on ethical debt collection for our clients. The company has a foundation of wanting to make a difference in the world of debt collection. We work together closely every day to ensure that the debtors are treated with respect and kindness. It is the foundation that we build our principles on. I have been given many wonderful opportunities from this company to excel in our field. I am incredibly thankful for those who have mentored me along the way.

When it comes to your brand, what is the story behind the name and what is the difference you aim to make in the market?

Pacific Collection Group is located on the west coast, and the founders wanted to use a name that helped capture the spirit of our area. As mentioned before, our company aims to help create a better industry by treating debtors with respect. Many people simply do not have the money to pay for their debts. Debt collection agencies will aggressively approach them and make them withdraw with their tactics. We aim to fix this problem by approaching with genuineness. Our company has experienced a mass amount of success from this approach.

What can you tell us about your process and how you are willing to make it easier for your clients?

Approaching a person aggressively will only instill fear into them. They will not trust you and not want to do any kind of business with you. This can make it incredibly difficult for debt collection companies to collect any amount of money that is owed. However, if you approach a person from an empathetic standpoint of view they are more likely to work with you.

Where do you think that the process is really impacting the financial future of clients?

Our clients have seen an incredible return on debts unlike ever before. We have revolutionized the market in the way that we approach debtors. We act as a middleman between both client and debtor. Both of those parties need each other more than they realize. Our empathetic work has helped them gain a better understanding of each other and improve the revenue of the companies that we work with.

What is the “one-word” advice you will give to landlords when it comes to debt management?

I recommend that all landlords approach tenants who cannot pay on time with understanding. Being more understanding is crucial to ensuring that your tenant will even want to work with you. There is little obligation from debtors to want to work with a company that they owe money to. This is especially true if they are hounded day in and day out. However, understanding helps you build a connection with your tenant who may be struggling. You may even find out something new about yourself as well.

Your group is proud to present itself as a Tailored Debt Collection Solution. How?

We tailor ourselves to our customers’ specific needs. We take the time to figure out what kind of business they run and how we can be more efficient in our debt collection solutions. No two businesses are the same, and we must become more adaptable than our competitors.

How were you able to make one of the best success rates in the market?

Listening to your client’s needs is incredibly important. Many companies have a cookie-cutter approach to tending to their client list. Unfortunately, this will only give you mixed results. Creating a working relationship with your client has always been PCG’s main mission since day one. We want to give everyone the attention that they deserve in order to become more successful. Our method has been working very well so far.

“Good-natured” and “human-centric economic closure” … Can you tell us more?

We are all human beings. We make mistakes and find ourselves making bad financial decisions sometimes. This can impact our ability to pay our landlords and bills on time. Being more understanding of these types of situations is important. It is how we stand out from the rest. Being good-natured will truly propel you further in the world of business. More companies need to practice this mindset.

What are you most excited about at the moment?

PCG is about to expand in ways that we have never imagined before. Our approach to business has been incredibly fruitful. We have more plans to help improve this approach and find more clients.

As a final word, What advice would you give to young client managers just starting out and hoping to make it in the industry?

You have to be patient. Success will not come to you overnight. Keep working each day and put time into self-improvement. Results will come in time.