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Interview With International Speaker and the Author behind Echoes of the Past, Carola Castillo


Interview With International Speaker and the Author behind Echoes of the Past, Carola Castillo


1- Before introducing the book, Who is Carola Castillo?

Carola Castillo is a legacy.

2- What sparked your interest in the therapeutic world? and Why?

One day I woke up and realized that I wasn’t being honest with myself. So, I started a path. A journey to myself. In the way, I found so many beautiful things that inspired me to heal myself and others. And, since then I haven’t been able to leave the light.

3- And when did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in empowering people?

The butterfly effect. My own actions as the butterfly that beats her wings. And my daughter as the tsunami caused. I was following this path with the goal of finding myself. Then, my daughter called me one day and said that I empowered her to follow herself. Since that day, I realized that empowerment is moving forward.

4- When it comes to your book “Echoes of the Past”, What is the story behind the name and What is the difference you aim to make in children’s lives?

It is a subtle image showing the sound of the past (our family, ancestors, culture) and how it brings the program in us. I think that all of us want to be great parents. My own experience with my kids showed me that although I had the title of being “a mom”, we worked together towards building a relationship. So, teach each other every step of the way.

5- What’s making your work different that pushes all big names around the world to try to work with you?

I think here we are talking about the law of attraction.

6- You are the director of a few institutions that try to empower people in general and particularly women. How important is educating and empowering women in our era? and how your institutions are working to achieve this goal?

The world is changing and readapting itself constantly. We need to get as many positive ideas to stir the world towards a more empowered, clean and healthy future for all. No more time to stay in the dark or angry. Education, communication and honesty with ourselves are key.

7- What does the future hold for the online learning businesses, with all this poping out news; and again especially for women around the world?

Let’s do something better. Sign in to my upcoming course and you answer this question for me.
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8- “The Way to the Magician” is your second book, why women need books like this?

I believe that everybody who is empowered with the feminine energy of the cosmos is a witch. Also, I do believe that the witch hunt has made us afraid of being empowered. 2020 is the time to heal ancient traumas through love.

9- You have gained a lot of experience in the last 10 years. Where do you see yourself in another 10?

Having some coffee with a better version of myself.

10- As a final word, What advice would you give to our readers who want to start writing their own books?

Be creative.
Be disciplined.
Start now.