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Interview With Jeffrey English NYC Graphic Designer and Creative Mind


Interview With Jeffrey English NYC Graphic Designer and Creative Mind


Jeffrey English NYC runs a successful graphic design studio in New Jersey. The studio offers design solutions for all types of business. Jeffrey English Hoboken is highly adept at strategizing and executing visual communication for marketing, advertising, and branding agencies. His works regularly feature in-store posters, TV screens, corporate websites, and packaging materials. Hoboken did his studies at Tish School of Graphic Design and holds a degree in graphic design.

Besides graphic design, his skill set includes concept, branding, interactive design, social media, and motion design. Jeffrey’s knack for design is inspired by such simple acts as dining and traveling. He enjoys sharing his inspirations on popular networking platforms like Behance and ArtStation. Owing to his creative ability and prominence in the design industry, Jeffrey English NYC has been called to speak at various local and international design conferences.

Hello Jeffrey, can you please introduce yourself to our audience?

I am a proud graphic designer based in New Jersey. I work with a wide array of deliverables, including animations, storyboards, responsive media and magazine Ads.

Would you please expound on your areas of focus?

My core service area is graphic design. I am also into visual design, branding and motion design. Aside from testing new ideas, I love the fact that the work I do helps businesses grow and stand out.

How can you describe your style in a few words?

Being in a competitive field, I enjoy pushing the boundaries of creativity by combining outmoded and modern elements of design to create trademark solutions.

And where do you think your solutions are making an impact?

My works appeal to a broader audience that includes individuals, startup enterprises and big business concerns. We always work to meet our customer’s expectations. Our clients greatly appreciate the creativity that goes into final work and this has really helped expand our reach.

What does “Design” really mean to you?

Design is a creative process that involves an emphatic understanding of the problem or subject matter, Idea generation and prototyping. As design professionals, we play an important role in bringing conceptualized ideas to life. We always try to do so in the most creative way possible.

Do Artificial Intelligence and other new DIY online solutions change the way we do design?

Artificial intelligence has provided a big boost to graphic design. AI solutions are increasingly being utilized to create robust design systems. A case in point is the growing use of AI in design websites to enhance workflow and help designers make critical design decisions. Elsewhere, businesses are also using the concept to enhance user experience and manage feedback.

What advice would you offer young people starting out as designers and hoping to make it?

Authenticity is an important measure of creativity for graphic designers. For graphic designers looking to stand out from the crowd and expand their trade, the ideas tunnel should be constantly nourished. This can easily be done by regularly testing and sharing ideas. I would also encourage up-and-coming designers to stick to whatever fuels their passion.

Where do you see your design studio in the coming 5 years?

The design industry is growing fast, thanks to digital technology and the changing demographics of design. From where I stand, I see lots of opportunities in motion and UX design. The latter is driven by the desire to improve user experience. Having a skill set in motion design is highly desired in today’s marketplace since the skill is closely tied to elements like branding and static illustration. My studio in Jersey is ready to scale these challenges moving into the future.

And what are you most excited about at the moment?

I am excited about 3D depth and realism and the manner it is revolutionizing the field of advertising. The feature is designed to create a visually interesting presentation. To create more compelling design solutions, graphic designers can combine 3D depth and realism with captivating imagery and other graphical dimensions. I am also excited about the remote working options, which is allowing graphic designers to access their workstations from anywhere.

What are your final thoughts?

To become an exceptional graphic designer you need passion and unbounded creativity. It also helps to grow your professional network as this could be an important source of motivation.


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