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Interview with Jonah Engler, Freelance Consultant, Successful Entrepreneur and Philanthropist


Interview with Jonah Engler, Freelance Consultant, Successful Entrepreneur and Philanthropist


Jonah Engler is a spirited philanthropist and entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York. Jonah prides himself on the many different lives he as impacted over the years. He thoroughly enjoys mentoring others in the community and offering is expertise as a consultant. His unparalleled knowledge of business has allowed him to start and run several non-profit businesses to help causes he believes in. Jonah is not all about business when it comes to other aspects of his life. He is always seeking out the best foods and the best cup of coffee from all over the world. He leads by example with his children using the unique experiences presented by charities as teaching points from which to learn. He believes the future can be bright if proper care and expertise is gained now and passed on. Jonah has implemented powerful strategies within his own businesses and hopes others will benefit from what he has learned throughout his experience.

1- Hello Jonah, can you please tell us about yourself?

I am a passionate entrepreneur and philanthropist that brings sensible and effective methods to the non-profit business atmosphere. In my spare time, I perform financial consultant work and mentor others.

2- How do you describe your journey in few words?

Well, where do I start? (Laughs) I began working for a non-profit business with my mother before attending college. Throughout my college career, I began networking and building my first effective business. Soon after, I decided to take a step back from the corporate atmosphere and began working on non-profits I am passionate about.

3- What in your life inspired you to become Philanthropist?

Much of my inspiration came from my mother who is very passionate about her job and that experience and inherent drive is what inspires my philanthropic spirit.

4- How did you build up a creative spirit, do you believe youwere born with it or you developed it?

I believe everyone is born with a creative spirit and as we grow, it must be nurtured, or it stands to be lost.

5- Where did you find the connection between entrepreneurship and philanthropy?

I feel the entrepreneurial spirit should ultimately lead to philanthropy in some fashion. If a successful entrepreneur does not feel the need to help others and instead only exploits others for their own gain, they do not deserve the right to call themselves an entrepreneur, as those very acts go against the purpose of what it means to be one.

6- Are there any interesting projects or recent publications you’d like to share with our readers?

One recent advancement that excites me is the introduction of artificial intelligence within the business landscape. The amount of integration possible can help many entrepreneurs and individuals throughout the world.

7- Can you share with us one of your daily challenges, that you feel will inspire new entrepreneurs?

As an entrepreneur, you are going to be busy, you are going to be stressed, and it is just too much sometimes. As a new entrepreneur, it will be extremely overwhelming at first. The everyday challenges and issues are always going to be there, they never leave no matter how successful you may be. Organization is the number one source of relief when it comes to daily hurdles. Having great organization keeps your day flowing seamlessly and keeps goals on track. Taking personal time for yourself daily gives you the opportunity recharge. Communication is the area that ties everything aspect of your day together and ensures everyone is on the same page. All points may seem simple and plain; however, they are the basis of everything successful, master those and you are golden.

8- What would you say was the most rewarding achievement or experience over the last 5 years?

Hands down the most rewarding decision was taking a small step back from business and begin to mentor kids in my local area.

9- Do you find as an expert, that you enjoy the challenge of the industry being complex where the game rules are always changing?

The challenge is what drives us, the challenges will never go away and that is what propels entrepreneurs forward. My favorite is to create my own rules within the game to always be a step ahead.

10- Any final thoughts?

Entirely too much, however we do not have that much time, so my grand words of wisdom are to just be yourself. That simple, if you can’t be yourself, what’s the point of doing the work?


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