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Interview With Michel F. Bolle – The next inspirational Guru?


Interview With Michel F. Bolle – The next inspirational Guru?


1- First of all, Who is Michel?

I’m probably a workaholic driven by my never-ending passions. I work often no less than 12 hours a day as a sales director in the industrial valve business and try to plan into my life enough time for my family, writing inspiring books, coaching a volleyball team, reading and learning new things and whenever I’m really lucky I love to entertain my family and friends with card magic.

“the clock of life” is turning for everyone at the same speed and you cannot stop it. Time is the most precious thing we have in life as it is limited. The time ends for everyone one day. I tend to use my time in the most efficient way possible and trying to get the maximum out of it. I try to use my time to create value for others.

2- What sparked your interest in the Inspirational & Motivational Leadership field? and Why?

I had the privilege during my whole life to be surrounded by exceptional personalities which inspired me along my path. I had great mentors in my family, at work, during military service or during my time as a professional volleyball coach and player. I had the chance to travel all around the world and experience “down to earth” situations of real life to master.

So by the end, it is just the will to give something back. Inspiring and motivating others. And hopefully, I will be able to leave some legacy for future generations.

3- And when did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as Motivational Speaker?

I always loved to speak in front of a big crowd. It is a situation that fills me up with positive energy. I love to teach! When you act as a motivational speaker at the end you are also teaching people how to live a better life painted with happiness and success.

Today when you open a newspaper what can you see first? Only the bad things happening around the world. Only the scandals are placed on the first page of a Magazine.
But life, if you approach it in the right way has so much more to offer than negative news… Often small things that can make a big change in your life.

I love the story of the glass which you can consider either as “half-empty” or “half-full”. Understanding the concept behind the reactions of our brain can completely change our life.

4- What do you expect of yourself?

I expect to be able to transmit to others part of my experience and my passion for life in general.

The true meaning of a successful life is creating value that benefits others.

This is my main goal and objective.

5- When it comes to your book “The Art of Successful Leadership”, What is the story behind it and what is the difference you aim to make?

The Art of Successful Leadership is a product of my successful leadership roles over the years. I’ve been there, I’ve led, and I’ve conquered. These few words are my tears and sweat for years. I wrote it all down so that your own leadership journey can be faster and easier than mine was.

My book is not streamlined and tailored for business owners, sport executives, executives and corporate organizations alone. Rather, it is a book for everyone who comes in contact and interacts with people. It is for families, for friends. It is a book that has useful lessons for everyone with practical answers to questions that intermittently arise.

Leadership, defined as the capacity or ability to guide others to accomplish an objective, is a very complex role. Leading different people, each with their peculiar set of beliefs can be very complicated. Even more difficult is the task set for the person who is somehow assigned the responsibility of bringing all of these divergent people under one common goal; lighting a fire in them and creating magic.

By the end, it is all about :


6- Have there been a time where you have been less successful than today?

If you would have asked me this question 5 years ago, my straight answer: YES! There have been times, during my years as a professional Volleyball Coach, where I could not pay my bills, the fridge was empty by the of the month and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I walked a couple of kilometres to get some warm food at the Salvation Army. At the same time, I got divorced. So life looked not so sweet those days.

But have I really been less successful then than today? Just because of the lack of money at some point? … Today my answer is definitely “NO”. My years as a professional volleyball coach have been probably the best years of my life. I did exactly what I wanted and loved to do in this period of my life.

Too often we tend to evaluate success only in relation to money. Once you get to the next level in your life, you start to understand that success is something different.

And is the absolute success in life, not happiness?

7-You have gained a lot of experience in the last 10 years. Where do you see yourself in another 10?

Hopefully around a Christmas tree with all our children, future grandchildren and other loved ones. The family has always been an important factor in my healthy life balance. As the years go by the more important the family gets.

8- You are also a magician, do you perform some unique and great tricks to motivate your audience?

Magic and especially card magic have coached me when I was 14 years old and since then the virus has never released me.

Entertaining and creating magic is just such a great thing! And yes, I do have some unique tricks that I perform every once a while for some very good friends.

I used card magic during my time as a volleyball coach for teambuilding purposes and still do so today in my business world. Believe that some of my former volleyball players in 10 years they won’t remember which games we won or lost. But for sure they will remember some of those unique and magic moments they experienced outside of the volleyball court.

9- You have another book called “100 Inspirational Quotes”. Could you share one of the quotes that stand out and really represent you?

“Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people who will argue with you”

10- As a final word, what advice would you share with our audience to develop a true entrepreneurial spirit?

I’ve been lucky enough to learn about entrepreneurship, leadership and teamwork from supportive family members and forward-thinking mentors. Here is the most important I’ve taken with me:

Believe in yourself and stand behind your convictions. If you choose the entrepreneurial path, you must believe without doubts in your convictions so strongly that you would stand behind your opinions no matter the discouragements. Although this positive way of thinking may attract a lot of “No-Sayers”, don’t lose hope and continue your path.