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Interview With Public Speaker, Consultant & CES4’s President, Pedram Zohrevand


Interview With Public Speaker, Consultant & CES4’s President, Pedram Zohrevand


Pedram Zohrevand has made a name for himself as an engineer and a leader in sustainable engineering. He is currently the President of CES4 and has been in the engineering industry for almost 2 decades. However, Pedram enjoys working with individuals in ways that are incredibly fulfilling to him. He regularly performs speaking and consulting services to educate the next generation of engineers. He is an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and is an advocate for using new technologies in engineering bridges, buildings, etc.

Pedram has worked incredibly hard over the years to receive the education that he has. He graduated with his Ph.D. degree from Florida International University in 2012 and was quickly hired as a research assistant professor managing several research and development projects in the field of structural engineering while teaching civil engineering courses. Pedram also has over 200 citations for his scholarly publications.

First of all, who is Pedram?

I am an Engineer who is currently the President of CES4. We work on government and private engineering design projects.

What sparked your interest in the engineering consulting field? and Why?

I had discovered that I had a natural talent for finding innovative solutions that can save time and money for project owners. I always felt that I had some kind of insight that other people did not have when it came to the engineering design field. I feel that with my experience and expertise, I can provide high quality and unique engineering design services to different private and governmental sectors,

I worked for different companies and agencies before establishing my own engineering consulting firm. Working in different engineering organizations, I realized that I can bring many values and innovations to this field by establishing CES4 and combine all my expertise, experience, and innovative ideas.

What do you expect of yourself?

While many people do not think you should put too much pressure on yourself, I am constantly pushing my limits as a professional. I expect myself to carry a code of ethics whenever I do business with someone else. I am always looking for ways to overcome obstacles at work that require a creative approach. I have high expectations of my ability to accomplish a lot at work while maintaining integrity. It is a crucial component of who I am as an engineer.

When it comes to your brand “CES4”, What is the story behind the name and what is the difference you aim to make?

CES4 is the abbreviation for Creative Engineering, Smart Solutions, and Sustainable Systems, which is actually the main concept of our engineering business. We decided to use it so that we would remind ourselves of our business goal. In CES4, we aim to make a substantial difference in the industry by providing creative, smart, and sustainable design concepts

According to you, what is CES4’s biggest achievement?

We have acquired many government and private contracts in a very short amount of time. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose information about them here.

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career what would it be? And what would you change?

I would tell myself to slow down. I used to work exceptionally hard and never got any breaks. I would help myself learn to take things at a much slower pace. This would have helped me accomplish much more in the long run.

You have gained a lot of experience in the last 5 years. Where do you see yourself in another 5?

I still see myself as the President of CES4. However, I see us expanding our offices and bringing in more clients to our business.

What are some of the mistakes you wished you could’ve avoided?

I used to be very involved in all our projects and try to do everything myself which did not give me enough time for business development and my own tasks in the company. I was not comfortable with delegating tasks to my team members. Giving responsibilities and decision making authorities to my team members at CES4 not only gives them more motivation to accomplish their tasks in the best way they could but also gives me more time and energy to get more clients and grow our company.

What advice would you give to young experts just starting out and hoping to make it in the industry?

Never give up on your dreams. Anything is possible if you work hard enough for it. However, you have to be willing to sacrifice things in order to accomplish what you want. Make sure that you keep yourself grounded whenever you are working towards something. Being successful isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Any final thoughts?

Remember to take time for yourself. You cannot do your best work if you are constantly neglecting your personal needs. While it is perfectly fine to be an overachiever, you should spend a good amount of time taking care of yourself.


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