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Interview With Stephen Andrew Stepaniuk, Consultant & Professional Travel Blogger


Interview With Stephen Andrew Stepaniuk, Consultant & Professional Travel Blogger


Stephen Andrew Stepaniuk is a travel blogger committed to bringing captivating installations for his diverse audience. The focus of Stephen’s blog includes food, art, culture, and entertainment. He gets his materials from engaging people of diverse backgrounds, doing research and traveling. His travels have taken him across the breadth of the US and the world. Stephen Andrew Stepaniuk is currently contracted by a consulting firm based in Boston. The travel blog grew from a passion into a serious gig attracting hordes of advertisers and corporate sponsors.

The Connecticut born travel blogger holds a degree in English from Northeastern University in Boston. His interest in languages has seen him study Polish, French, and German and lately, Mandarin. Besides blogging, Stephen Stepaniuk has a soft spot for culinary arts. He has worked alongside many local and internationally acclaimed chefs. The exposure taught him more about different global culinary traditions and helped improve his cooking skills. Away from the regular work routine, Stephen Stepaniuk enjoys reading, mountain biking and listening to music.

1. Hello Stephen, Can you please introduce yourself?

I am a high-spirited writer working as a travel blogger. My trade entails traveling around the world collecting materials and sharing stories. I have done so for the last one decade. My blog attracts people with different interests, from the travel industry to freelance writing.

2. What are your focus areas and why?

My interests are mostly tied to food, culture, and entertainment. The write-ups include reviews, personal experiences, and recommendations.

3. Describe your journey in a few words?

I started blogging in college before turning professional. I was inspired by a college tutor and friends who noticed my knack for storytelling. It took a while to stick out, but through meaningful interactions and aggressive campaigns things began to look up.

4. How do you think creative bloggers can change the future of travel?

Traveling is by all estimates the biggest industry in the world. However, the hugely interdependent industry depends on other sectors, including blogging to thrive. Blogs are personal enough to give bloggers of all persuasions a flexible platform to discuss various issues. Creative bloggers can do a lot to shape the future of the travel industry. For instance, by highlighting the causes they care about and bringing people’s attention to vacation hotspots and so on.

5. What advice would you like to give to those just starting a travel blog?

If you are seriously into blogging, there are a number of things you need to avoid such as calling people out and not crediting the works and photos of others.

6. For those who are undecided, do you think Coaching is necessary or important?

Coaching is a part and parcel of the learning process. In the contemporary sense, a coach could simply infer to someone you want to share your thoughts with. If you are a professional travel blogger, you can actually go out of your way to set up private sessions to discuss stimulating topics like “the ultimate guide to money saving itinerary” and other insightful topics.

7. In the age of the internet, what value does the social media present to creative people, which other Marketing techniques cannot?

For creative types looking to explore social media, the key word is sharing. It really helps if you have a sizable number of followers as this increases your impact. The most influential platforms to consider are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. The choice of media will depend on the type of content you want to provide. Having a social media account offers several benefits that may not be readily available with other forms of marketing. For starters, social media marketing is more cost-efficient when it comes to enhancing business visibility and syndicating contents. The strategy is also effective in engaging audiences and enhancing brand awareness.

8. In one word, what advice can you give readers when it comes to making clients happy?

To make your readers happy, learn to say things straight up.

9. Being an expert, do you appreciate the various industry challenges, including the changing rules?

Challenges will always be there, so it is upon you to know how to navigate them. As a travel blogger, you will probably be spending more time reading travel articles or planning the next trip. Other times, you may find yourself pitching ideas to different publications or making last-ditch connections with editors. To overcome all these challenges, you need patience and be good at what you do.

10. What are your final thoughts?

The internet is replete with seemingly infinite content. To break through it, you need to give the reader’s the information they want because for them patience is not infinite.


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