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Interview With The CEO of the Vanclef Financial group, Jason Vanclef


Interview With The CEO of the Vanclef Financial group, Jason Vanclef


Hello Jason, can you please tell us a bit about you?

My name is Jason Vanclef, and I am the CEO of the Vanclef Financial group. We have been helping people realize their financial goals for quite some time now. I have taken my expertise in the world of finance and applied it to helping people overcome their financial struggles.

What are your focus areas and why?

My focus area is that of financial investment. I believe that everyone can get ahead in life if they have the right investments. We want to see our projects take off whenever we start them. Unfortunately, we need capital in order to make this happen. Investments help us find financial freedom and will ultimately lead us closer to our dreams.

How would you describe “Vanclef Financial Group” in a few words?

I would describe our group as an organization of people that care about others.

What does the term “Financial independence” mean to you?

Doing anything in life usually ends up costing us money. Whether we want to pay our bills or start a business, we need to have some form of financial independence. Workers cost money to hire and our landlords will be knocking on our doors for the rent. Money is an energy source that we need in order to become successful. Unfortunately, many people out there do not understand the law of attraction and how it can help us overcome this.

Financial independence is freedom. It allows us to do almost anything we would like in the world of business. Financial independence means that we are no longer working for someone else and rather for ourselves. This is why we provide people with investment services to follow their dreams.

Do you think integrity is an essential part of the financial spirit?

Integrity is everything. There are so many people out there in the world who are looking to scam you out of your money. There are false prophets who claim that they know everything there is about the world of finance. Unfortunately, these people will not lead you towards your goals.

Integrity is crucial to gaining the support and trust of your customers. We make sure to implement integrity into our business at all times here at the Vanclef Financial Group.

What advice would you give to young people just starting out and hoping to make it?

Never give up on your dreams. Always follow your heart with whatever it is that you want to do. People are going to tell you that you can’t do something that you put your mind towards. They are simply projecting their fears and failures onto you. It is your duty to yourself to make sure that you push forward and accomplish the goals that you have set for yourself.

Do you find as an investment professional, that you enjoy the challenge of the industry being complex with the rules of the game always changing?

There are some days that I wake up and won’t know what changed overnight [laughs]. I feel as if an ever-changing industry is very healthy for us. There are so many complexities to finance that you may never fully understand all facets of the industry. This is why it is important to constantly educate ourselves on new trends and things that may catch our attention

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career what would it be? And what would you change?

I would have told myself to pursue finances from the beginning. I ended up pursuing criminal justice because it was more stable. My family had told me that I shouldn’t pursue finances because it may not end up working out for me. However, they didn’t know about the passion or the skills that I possessed. Something told me to continue pursuing finances even after I had entered the criminal justice field. That gut feeling paid off in the end. I am happier  now than  ever

What are you most excited about at the moment?

There are a lot of changes happening to the financial industry right now that people aren’t aware of. Cryptocurrency is a massive, unregulated change that many people haven’t embraced yet. There are  numerous cryptocurrency businesses opening around the world. I believe they are paving the way for more businesses to utilize this special type of currency. I am looking forward to how the industry may change if this type of currency is embraced.

The last word or final thoughts?

Always trust your gut. You know what is best for you. Kneeling down for someone else will never get you closer to your life’s mission.

Please note, the comments and views expressed in this interview are those of Jason Vanclef.  Jason Vanclef is a registered representative with and offers securities products and services through WestPark Capital, Inc.  Member FINRA/SIPC.  These views are not those of WestPark Capital, Inc.  Vanclef offers advisory services through Delta Financial.  Neither Vanclef Financial Group, WestPark Capital, Inc., or Delta are affiliated companies. 


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