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Interview With Thought Leader And Leading Entrepreneur, Andy Jacob


Interview With Thought Leader And Leading Entrepreneur, Andy Jacob


1- Hello Andy, since most people in the business world already know who you are, we would like to do something a little different for this interview. Can you please introduce yourself in one word?

2- What’s the most number of deals you ever negotiated in one day?
Well, that’s a very interesting question. In one of my current startups, I am negotiating over 100 deals per day. I know that sounds crazy, but I am negotiating a deal every 4 minutes in person and by phone. It might be a world record, but who’s counting.

3-How do you describe “The Jacob Group” in few words?
We help companies fix business problems. Fast.

4- How did you build up an entrepreneurial spirit? Do you believe you were born with it or you developed it?
The entrepreneurial spirit has many definitions. If we define it is the spirit to keep on pushing no matter what, being smart enough to make a change, and being smart enough to listen to people with better insight then you, then I developed it. My spirit came from playing sports as an underdog. I was never the best athlete, so I had to work three times as hard than the gifted athletes. This taught me that I had to push harder than everyone else, listen to sage coaching advise, and know my limitations so I could make strategic changes during games for the benefit of myself and my team. As a young man, I lived a very interesting phenomenon. I was never the best athlete but was always the first pick. Back then, I never thought about it. However, looking back at it, coaches wanted people to lead by example. Exactly the same as employees want from their business owners.


5- Do you think your mindset has anything to do with your success?
Absolutely. It’s all about mindset. For me, the winning mindset needs to be worked on. I have met a few people in my career that have it without thinking, but they are rare!

6- If you could turn back the hands of time, what would you love to do in regards to your career?
I wouldn’t change a thing. In the back of my mind, I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I would have followed a career in coaching. I was one of the youngest 5A high school football coaches in the country at 20 years old. At 20, the business bug hit me hard, and I’ve been infected ever since.

7- What advice would you like to give to those just starting a new business or startup?
Be able to explain your business to me in 5 words or less!

8- What is the “one word” of advice you will give to our readers when it comes to succeeding as an entrepreneur?
Are you blowing the minds of your customers? If not, you have no shot.

9- As a leading authority on the customer sales cycle, where do most companies fail?
They don’t follow my two rules:
Rule # 1 – The customer’s always right.
Rule #2- Any questions, go back to Rule #1

10- The last word or final thoughts?
Businesses that also make a commitment to change the world for positive good have the best chance of success. Be bold. Care for others. Grind hard. Be kind. Make the world a better place.


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