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Interviews Go Both Ways: 4 Questions to Ask Your Potential Employer


Interviews Go Both Ways: 4 Questions to Ask Your Potential Employer


Going for an interview can be a nerve-wracking experience at times. With proper preparation, however, it’s possible to have an easy time and get to the end unscathed. Part of the preparation that you can do is to learn about how to answer some basic questions that you’ll be asked during the interview. Another important part of preparing for an interview that too many people forget about is the feedback that you should seek from the panel of interviewers that you face, especially details that you cannot find on the company website. To help you with this part, here are four of the questions that you should ask your potential employer during your interview so that you know what awaits you if you do get the position.

1. Why Is This Position Open?

This is the first question to ask the people who are interviewing you, and with good reason. For this question, the answer itself may not matter as much as the way in which it’s answered. If the implication is that the position has a high staff turnover and there’s no solid reason as to why it’s open, this may indicate that the company’s culture as far as the position is concerned isn’t the best. If the response is along the lines that the position has become necessary because of company growth, then this is definitely a positive thing, and you should be encouraged by it.

Remember to prepare for this interview by showing up looking your best, which can help boost your confidence so that you can ask the necessary questions. One of the things you could do in preparation is to whiten your teeth, something that many other people are currently doing. This is based on the fact that 37 million Americans used teeth whitening solutions in 2020 alone! You’ll feel more confident and professional when you look and feel good.

2. What Are My Prospects for Growth?

Remember to find out what prospects you have for growth in the position for which you’re applying. This is important to do since you don’t want to end up at a dead end a short time after landing the position. With growth at work comes better pay, and this is something that everyone in employment knows very well. It’s also an important detail to keep in mind since 61% of families in America have two working parents. This implies that good pay is a necessity for anyone who wants to make a good living, not just for themselves but also for their families.

3. What Is the Most Challenging Part of the Job?

You need to find out what the most challenging part of the job is since this can prepare you for what to expect. Learn about the possible risks that you could face in the position if you get the job so that you know whether you’re truly up for the task. In the process, it may be good to find out what safety and security protocols the company has in place, keeping in mind that one out of every seven businesses has an alarm system. If the company takes safety seriously and has the necessary protocols and tools in place for the process, you may be assured of being safe while you work for them.

4. Who Is Your Ideal Employee?

Finally, find out what the ideal employee for the role that you’re applying is. This way, you can learn more about what’s expected from you in terms of performance and how much time you’re likely to spend on given tasks. With the answer that you get from this question, you should be able to tell if you’ll fit in the company well.

Based on the responses that you get from these four questions, you’ll have a good understanding of the role that you applied for. If there are any issues, the moment that the interviewing panel asks you whether you have any questions for them is your chance to have them addressed. By the end of it all, you should know if you’ll be happy to receive a call that your interview was successful.