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Jason Kulpa, Successful San Diego Entrepreneur, Describes the 5 Essential ‘C’ Attributes If You Want to Become a Successful Entrepreneur


Jason Kulpa, Successful San Diego Entrepreneur, Describes the 5 Essential ‘C’ Attributes If You Want to Become a Successful Entrepreneur


While brash and bold founders might become tech media darlings, it is the entrepreneurs who build their businesses upon an honorable character that will outlast the flash-in-the-pan companies. Being ballsy and brazen might score a founder initial interest in their venture, but a backbone of integrity and commitment to quality will help an entrepreneur succeed over the long haul. If you want to build a business that endures, CEO of UE.co, Jason Kulpa lists the five “C” characteristics you should weave into your personality and company culture.


A courageous founder is one who attempts feats others shy away from. Taking on market incumbents, emailing potential investors without a warm introduction, and launching product features even though they’re not perfect are tactics a business owner with chutzpah will try. A courageous entrepreneur is willing to bet on a customer’s love for their product over any potential bugs that can be worked out while in the open beta stage.


Company founders who make it big are the ones who remain committed to their business even when others don’t understand their long-term plans. They invest in the success of their team members, they’ll stop at nothing to introduce their company to the press, and they aren’t afraid to make major power moves to solidify their business’ place amongst industry leaders.


Successful entrepreneurs need to be clever thinkers. Uncovering innovative marketing techniques, approaching customer acquisition in a quirky way, or connecting with potential angel investors in an unorthodox manner are just some of the ways clever entrepreneurs set themselves apart from the competition.


A business leader who remains curious approaches company growth like a kid in a candy store. Problems don’t become roadblocks, but instead become opportunities to iterate. Curiosity weaves its way into everything from customer outreach to product development.


Creative founders look upon scaling issues as an opportunity to innovate. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the need for rapid growth, a creative entrepreneur will mine their resources and talent pool to find repeatable processes for accelerated growth. Press outreach, user onboarding, and feature requests are all opportunities, not only to “think outside the box,” but also to throw away the box and iterate differently.

Growing a viable business takes more than just guts and gumption. It takes entrepreneurial skills and a focus on character growth. Will you be integrating any of these essential characteristics into your modus operandi?

 About Jason Kulpa:
Jason Kulpa is the founder and CEO of UE.co, an Inc. Fastest Growing Company that delivers cutting-edge marketing products and services. After graduating from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State, Mr. Kulpa made a career from encouraging growth in several exciting areas of the tech industry. He is San Diego Business Journal’s “Most Admired CEO” for 2018.

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