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Marketing Home Maintenance Businesses to Bring in More Revenue

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Marketing Home Maintenance Businesses to Bring in More Revenue


When it comes to earning more revenue as a small business, it’s vital that you do everything you can to successfully promote your diverse collection of services. Plus, as more and more customers prefer to use e-commerce to find their next home maintenance business, it’s also imperative that your website looks as professional as possible. Thus, this article will unpack everything you need to know about which services you should include on your website when running a home maintenance business.

1. Drain Cleaning Services

Though many of us don’t usually give our drains a second thought, when they become clogged, we often rely on professional services to help us get them back in working order. A clogged drain can cause an abundance of serious concerns, so it’s best that you continue to promote these services when building your home maintenance business website. According to Reader’s Digest, there are certain substances that should not be passed through a drain, such as pits, seeds, fat, grease, and bones. In turn, it’s vital that you share this information with your customer base. A good way to learn more about your potential customer base is to use a range of analytic technologies to delve deeper into their nuances. Comrade notes that this technology uses specific messaging tactics to communicate with just about every type of customer.

2. Window Replacement

Not only can a new set of windows really help to give your client’s home a new lease on life, but they’re also associated with a ton of other benefits. For example, the Department of Energy suggests that heat loss through windows is paired with 25%-30% of residential heat loss. Therefore, advertising a range of window replacement services on your website can help your customers elevate their properties and lower their utility bills at the same time. Since heat loss is such a big issue for modern homeowners, Hatch advises businesses to conduct webinars on their websites. As such, these are great resources for businesses that are keen to create a stronger bond with their customers whilst also striving to keep them up to date with the latest industry research.

3. Kitchen Renovations

Though they commonly require a lot of time, effort, and money on both sides, there’s no denying that a kitchen renovation can transform even the dullest of spaces into riveting hubs of activity. Plus, Pro Line Range Hoods informs us that 67% of people believe that the appearance and atmosphere of their respective kitchens are the main reasons they decide to renovate them. Thus, these services are ideal for those who are eager to give their properties a complete makeover so that they can continue to use their kitchens to prepare and serve a range of delectable dishes that the whole family is sure to love. Since these renovations are so popular, it’s important that you use an assortment of effective strategies so that you can effectively market them on your website. Handyman Marketing Pros recommends setting up a Google Business Profile so that your potential customers can scan through your reviews and location at a glance when searching for these services online. This profile also showcases where your establishment is via Google Maps so that your customers can easily find you using their usual GPS platform.

Building a website for your home maintenance business can be a very complex and confusing process, but there’s no denying that it can easily take your establishment to the next level. Whether you use it to promote your long list of useful services or to attract customers from far and wide, a website can undoubtedly help your business grow from strength to strength. Therefore, if you’re keen to reap these benefits for yourself, be sure to implement some of the advice and guidance expressed throughout this article.