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Michael Hsu on The Increase Demand For Private Pilots


Michael Hsu on The Increase Demand For Private Pilots


As we enter the second half of the year 2022, aviation statistics are showing a spike in demand for private jet pilots. This is certainly not surprising, according to Michael Hsu of Los Angeles, CA. He received his private pilot license in 2008, followed by the completion of his Instrument Rating exam in 2010, and has seen how commercial flights have become more crowded, making private flying a more attractive option!

Michal Hsu on Why Many Travelers Look to Private Pilots

A Growing Demand in Business Aviation

Michael Hsu is taking note of the many companies that have rediscovered the value of private aviation as a business tool. Today’s business environment is extremely challenging and highly competitive. Busy executives need to be flexible and responsive to client needs, and private pilots allow them to do so. Thousands of hours of travel time can be saved by corporations who choose private jet travel over commercial flights.

Charter Flights As An Alternative to Vacation Travel

Instead of renting a seat, groups of vacationers are choosing to rent a plane for hassle-free and exciting vacation trips. This is especially true once frequent travelers learn that it is cheaper to charter a private plane rather than own one. And while it may cost more to fly privately, according to Michael Hsu, the cost can be split by the number of people on board or reduced according to the size of the plane.

The main benefit of using a private plane is that, because of its smaller size, they have many more landing options, which opens the door for a much more personalized vacation. Not only do you travel on your own schedule with huge savings in time, but you also eliminate the long lines at the airport and enjoy the highest level of privacy during the flight.

The Ultimate in Comfort and Luxury

While this reason for flying private may not apply to everyone, it does apply to the growing number of wealthy individuals who fly not only anonymously but also luxuriously. Michael Hsu states that even taking a regular private plane trip instead of a luxury jet has its own level of comfort. The seats on small aircraft are typically more padded, larger, and more comfortable than those found on commercial airplanes. And many people enjoy small planes over jets because they feel immersed in the pilot’s every operation and maneuver.

For Michael Hsu, a private pilot, this mode of travel on a chartered plane gives the traveler a new perspective. You experience travel in a more personal way – from the open cockpit where the traveler witnesses every move the pilot makes to every dip and bump while in flight. You feel more intimately connected to the world on these trips, according to Michael Hsu, and instead of relying on aviation technology, passengers know the training and experience of the pilot is what will safely guide them to their final destination.