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Pressable Review: Managed WordPress Hosting You Can Trust

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Pressable Review: Managed WordPress Hosting You Can Trust


Enjoy WordPress but don’t want to worry about security, scalability, unforeseen downtime, or updating WordPress. Pressable may be the managed WordPress hosting solution for you.

Pressable offers managed hosting options that optimize WordPress sites for speed and security. Additionally, their hosting technology enables easy scalability as your website grows.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to use Pressable, their sales team can answer all your questions and the cheapest managed WordPress hosting package offered by Pressable is $19 per month.

What Sets Pressable Apart?

Pressable is a managed hosting provider specializing in services for WordPress professionals – specifically, agencies, freelancers, and e-commerce firms.

Additionally, it works with small and medium-sized organizations needing a cost-effective and versatile solution.

Pressable Provides various Types of Managed Premium Hosting Plans

Pressable offers a variety of managed WordPress hosting options that utilize the company’s cloud-based infrastructure to host websites. They offer two one-site plans – $19 and $25 per month – ideal for smaller enterprises with a single website.

Pressable’s other options are best suited for agencies, freelancers, and larger organizations. These plans range in price from $45 to $1,000. This is depending on the number of WordPress blogs you manage and the amount of traffic you anticipate.

Additionally, Pressable offers three WooCommerce plans ranging from $45 to $105 per month. This is including additional storage and visitors compared to Pressable’s regular WordPress hosting plans.

All Pressable plans include the following:

  • Online support on an infinite scale
  • SSL certificates without charge
  • Access to the CDN for free
  • Automatic failover is for free.
  • Migrations

Their WordPress Hosting plans include 24/7 expert support with an average response time of less than a minute. Additionally, it offers complimentary site migrations and the WordPress Cloud Platform.

Plans for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce solutions are the best for individuals wishing to create and sustain an e-commerce presence. (WooCommerce is the most popular and widely used e-commerce plugin for WordPress.) The best option for you is the annual revenue generated by your business.

Automatic Upgrades

Pressable manages WordPress, WooCommerce, and Jetpack updates for you. Within 24 hours after releasing a new public version of WordPress, your site is automatically updated. It goes to the current version for increased security and performance.


Pressable enables you to make changes to your WordPress site. You can do this while it is being designed via a staging URL that is a clone of your live site. The staging function allows you to test your website’s layout, themes, and other design elements before going live.

Admin Level Access

Pressable enables you to create several WordPress login accounts for different users and restrict access levels. This function is handy if you’ve engaged a content producer, web designer, or other experts to work on your WordPress site.

Guaranteed Network Uptime of 100%

Pressable sites are on the same infrastructure as WordPress.com and WordPress VIP. It is a globally distributed cloud network with many degrees of failover.

Pressable is so confident in the strength and stability of its network. It is currently the only managed WordPress server that advertises 100% network availability on its website.

All Plans Include a Free Jetpack

Pressable includes Jetpack with every website for increased security and performance. If you’re new to Jetpack, it’s a WordPress plugin that provides malware scanning. It has brute force security, additional backup choices, and performance optimization tools. The $19 monthly plan includes the accessible version of Jetpack. In contrast, all monthly subscriptions of $25 or more include Jetpack Security Daily (a $239 annual value).

Global CDN Provider for Free

All of Pressable’s hosting options provide complimentary access to their global CDN. The CDN ensures your website offers a high-quality user experience regardless of where your visitors are. Still, it also helps with security and SEO.

Control Panel That Is Simple to Use

Pressable recently spent a significant amount of time and effort improving its control panel. The control panel now has a clean, modern appearance and operates efficiently, regardless of whether you’re managing many sites. For new websites, activate through the control panel CDN, view site backups, grant contributors admin access, and manage your account.

How Is Pressable Performance and Uptime?

Pressable sets the bar in WordPress hosting. The company offers a service level agreement (SLA) that guarantees 100 percent network uptime. It is to automatically failover to another data center if servers of the system fail.

Pressable’s automatic scalability and architecture ensure that your site performs optimally during traffic spikes. They do routine server maintenance during off-peak hours to ensure it doesn’t affect your website’s traffic and SEO ranking.

Their professionals assist websites in diagnosing coding faults and advising on the best plugins to install to boost the speed.

How does Pressable ensure the security of your website?

To ward off security threats, Pressable performs malware and virus eradication checks every night. Additionally, they have an intrusion detection system to guard against hackers obtaining unauthorized access to your WordPress site.

Additionally, your website will be configured to perform daily backups independently.

How Is Pressable Assistance and Support Provided?

To ward off security threats, Pressable performs malware and virus eradication checks every night. Additionally, they have an intrusion detection system to guard against hackers obtaining unauthorized access to your WordPress site.

Each Pressable website is secured using a web application firewall (WAF). It ensures the security of their whole website portfolio by preventing common attack vectors such as SQL injection. When the WAF is triggered, our servers will send an HTTP status code of 406 Not Acceptable.

Additionally, your website will be configured to perform daily backups independently.

Is Pressable Responsible for Site Backup?

Pressable makes daily backups of your website and ensures it can be restored promptly in a disaster. These backups are retrievable for 30 days. With their new, straightforward interface, you can view and download WordPress backups and restore them in a few simple steps.

Pressable backs up your website files every 24 hours and offers hourly database backups. You can also back up your files manually using SFTP or phpMyAdmin. You can also contact their 24/7 support team for assistance.

Final Word

Managed WordPress hosting is one of the most dependable platforms available. That’s unsurprising considering its backing by Automattic and use of the same infrastructure as WordPress.com. With unlimited CDN access, unmatched uptime, and significant support infrastructure, Pressable is unquestionably a top contender in WordPress hosting.