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Prioritising families, AGS continues to set the benchmark as a responsible international mover


Prioritising families, AGS continues to set the benchmark as a responsible international mover

From their inception as a small independent removals business in 1974, to a global international giant, the story of AGS and the Taïeb’s family is nothing short of remarkable.

Few could have believed that, 45 years after their creation, the company would end up operating from more than 140 different locations servicing 95 countries.

They now employ more than 4,100 personnel to help relocate over 80,000 families across the globe every year.

Their growth has been steady and continuous, and they are now represented in all 54 countries of the African continent.

Throughout it all, the influence of the Taïeb’s family has been at the heart of AGS.

It all started in France in 1974, when Isaac and Sarah Taieb launched AGS, their very own removals company.

Eight years later in 1982, they made tentative steps outside mainland France, establishing AGS Movers Guadeloupe in the French Overseas Territories located in the Caribbean.

The company branched into Europe in 1991, setting up AGS Movers London, and two years later they began their operations in Africa with AGS Movers Ivory Coast.

Keeping to the company’s family tradition, Alain Taïeb – son of Isaac and Sarah – took over as CEO in 2000 before the organisation broadened its horizons to China in 2005.

By 2016, the company was represented in every country in Africa, while 2018 saw the completion of their new hub in South Africa – the largest international removals centre in the Southern Hemisphere.

Today AGS is a forward-thinking company that proved itself to be adaptable to the continuously changing market of international removals.

Alain Taïeb is now the Chairman of the company’s Supervisory Board after taking over from his father. Cédric Castro, his nephew, and son of Joëlle – daughter of the founder – is now heading the company as CEO.

This ensures that, throughout the company’s expansion, it remains a family-owned business.

In a time when environmental awareness is paramount, one of their lasting legacies is teaming up with NGO Planète Urgence in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint while still moving clients’ goods around the world.

For every international removal they complete, they plant a tree to make a real attempt in reducing greenhouse gasses, protecting biodiversity and leaving the planet in a better state.

To date, the company has planted more than 200,000 trees, while being involved in the restoration and reforestation in both Indonesia and Madagascar.

It is indeed AGS’ priority to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction in a difficult and demanding sector, but they are also a company that takes their responsibilities very seriously – both locally and globally. The AGS Group is also a member of the Global Compact since 2009.