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Steps to Finding an Entertainer for Your Family Event


Steps to Finding an Entertainer for Your Family Event


Planning a family event can be very stressful because you create memories, and for family, memories are everything. Picking the right entertainment can make or break any event. If it is the worst, it will go down in history as the worst event ever. It could also be the best, and you will get all the praise for organizing the best family event ever. Here are some guiding steps that should help avert disaster.

Step 1: Make sure the entertainment is appropriate for the occasion

Before you begin, consider what you want from your entertainment and what will work best for your venue and guests. Family events are usually intimate, so already that eliminates amphitheater-type entertainment.

Consider who will be attending your event, their expectations, ages, and preferences. Ensure that your choice of performance does not offend anyone. Even if you have impeccable musical taste, the blank glances of bemused guests aren’t worth it.

A live band is an excellent option for most occasions. Professional event bands play to a wide range of audiences. Top bands, regardless of their genre specialization, will always be able to adapt their set to suit any audience.

Step 2: Consider your budget

I am sure bringing world-class entertainment to your family will make you the hero. But it is always best to remain realistic and conservative. Take time to consider all options because the budget will not only involve paying the act. You will need to consider logistics and what props you will need to hire. Start with a rough budget and then scale back as you go along and shop around. If you are not paying for the event, communicate with the person funding the event to avoid overextending them.

Step 3: Begin exploring entertainment possibilities early

Do not leave this till the last minute. If you are looking for exceptional quality entertainment, you have to believe many other people might be looking for them too. Some acts can have a fully booked schedule, so you have to make sure you also make it onto that schedule. Plan ahead and maybe even plan your date around the entertainment if your main highlight is for your family event.

Step 4: Basics for entertainment hire

When planning any event, communication is critical. Make sure you state your wishes clearly to the entertainment and hear out what they need from you.

You’ll want to work with people you can count on to show up on time, act professionally. Ideally, you want them to go above and beyond simply strumming a few chords. You’ll also want to know that your reservation is safe and secure.

Do some research on the entertainment you choose. Go online and look at the reviews of their previous performances and also ask people for recommendations.

At the very least, you should have a solid contract that commits your artist to perform at your event.

Step 5: Have a backup

This should always be part of planning any event. Have a backup plan, because life happens, people can get sick, accidents even mistakes like double booking. When making your arrangements with your booked talent, ask them for recommendations if they can not make your event. If you work with a professional company, chances are they have a list of other talents that can save the day. In the end, you may need a good backup DJ who has the equipment and can keep people happy and having a good time.


Please ask as many questions as possible while meeting with your entertainer or during early negotiations. Please don’t be afraid to make explicit requests! It’s a red flag if you get the impression they don’t care about or respect you or your event. Continue looking until you discover someone with whom you feel at ease and confident. It is your event, and you know it best. Don’t let them dictate it for you. Enjoy the planning and do not panic.