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Should I Gift My Client? AndThe Dos And Don’ts Of Client Gifting


Should I Gift My Client? AndThe Dos And Don’ts Of Client Gifting


Gifting is a noble practice; not only is it a nice gesture, but it promotes brand loyalty when done right. But how do you get the perfect gift for a particular client? Below we will list the does and don’ts of gifting.

Don’t give meaningless stuff as gifts

You do not want to give your clients gifts they are likely to get rid of. Giving someone a generic gift shows just how much you do not know about them. That is the last message you wish to convey to a client. Such a gift can have adverse consequences, so do your research.

Rather than sending generic gifts, make sure you send a gift that will be well received. If you’re unsure how well you know them, consider them a consumable gift. A gift they can eat (or drink!) also helps keep rubbish out of landfills. Simply put, a gourmet food basket is delicious and environmentally friendly. Win-win.


Nothing conveys thoughtfulness quite like individualization. While you’re unlikely to know what each client likes and dislikes, you may have notes from past encounters. You can also obtain information from a partner or assistant. The entire purpose of giving a present to a client is to demonstrate your appreciation for them. You want to demonstrate that you considered them without having to express it openly.

Personalization does not need you to create a scrapbook filled with souvenirs from each meeting. A simple handwritten note can go a long way. It demonstrates that you took the time to express your gratitude for their business and are sure to make them feel valued. You can give handwrytten.com a try. They have an option for you to create your own handwritten note. You can also choose from a selection of notes that they have. And with this solution, you can send inexpensive gift ideas for clients.

Don’t go over budget

Your client should want to give you their business because of your service, not you’re giving them expensive presents. Sometimes, a costly gift may seem like a bribe, particularly in B2B relationships. You don’t want your consumer to resent a present that obligates them to continue purchasing from you.

Additionally, keep in mind that your clientele may know one another, and as such, you should treat them equally when gifting. Sending gifts to clients with varying values can backfire if someone on the lower end of the range discovers it.

Be creative

It might be time-consuming and frustrating to come up with gift ideas, but it doesn’t have to be! Have fun with it; here is your opportunity to leave a lasting impression and demonstrate your creativity to your clients. Rather than sending out calendars like everyone else, consider something unique. Spending some time developing an idea will pay dividends in the long run. Your clients will remember why they do business with you.

Don’t be cheap

You don’t want to overspend and give your client the impression of a bribe. Still, you also don’t want to be too cheap and give them the impression that their business is unimportant. As a small business owner, you’re accustomed to looking for opportunities to save money. We comprehend. However, corporate gifting is not an area where you should cut corners. Consider how you choose a restaurant for a client’s supper. Do you take them to a good restaurant where they can have a nice meal comfortably? Or take them to a fast-food burger joint to save a few dollars? Corporate gifting is about just receiving an item; it is also about expressing gratitude. A cheap present can convey various messages, but one of them is ‘thank you for your business.

Make sure it’s culturally sensitive

We are fortunate to reside in a region brimming with diverse cultures, faiths, and customs. The art and etiquette of gift-giving vary according to country and religion. Therefore, ask yourself the following questions before selecting a client gift.

Additionally, keep in mind that not everyone celebrates certain holidays, particularly Christmas. Consider the images and symbolism used on packaging and gifts. Err on caution by writing “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas.”

Don’t Gift marketing promo

Were you considering giving your clients a holiday gift from the stuff you often give away at events or trade shows? Put an end to your speculation—marketing tools and corporate gifts are not interchangeable. Giving a client a cheap t-shirt with your logo accomplishes the reverse of what you want. It comes across as generic and demeaning rather than individualized and attentive. Branding the card or box to remind them who gave it is OK, you convey sincerity by leaving it out. Suppose your “present” includes your brand. In that case, you’re effectively asking the consumer to offer you free publicity. This isn’t the most effective way to express gratitude.

Express gratitude after the holidays

When it comes to business gifting, timing is just as critical as quality. A holiday gift is an excellent way to demonstrate your concern. If you want to stand out truly, make an effort to convey gratitude throughout the year. Sending a token of appreciation to your consumers during an unexpected time of year will optimize the gesture’s positive impacts. You will leave them feeling appreciated. Furthermore, guess what? That, too, will make you feel amazing!


Without your clientele, you would have no business, and it’s critical to communicate this to them. This holiday season, adequately express your thanks and keep your firm off the naughty list.