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The Top 3 Social Media Marketing Tips Roofing Companies Need in 2023

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The Top 3 Social Media Marketing Tips Roofing Companies Need in 2023


To give your roofing company the best chance of succeeding, it’s important for you to know the best ways to get the word out about it. That’s because the more people that know about your company, the more likely you are to get new orders. One of the best platforms that a company can use to market its services is social media. Outlined are three social media marketing tips that your roofing company can make use of in 2023 in order to get the best outcome in terms of widening your reach and finding more converting customers.

1. Share Premium Content

While a large part of the population spends a good deal of time on the internet, one thing you can be sure that they’re not paying attention to is sub-par content. That said, make sure that you only share helpful, high-quality content that’s been well-researched. This will help the people who come across your content on social media develop an interest in you. They’re also quite likely to give your company a chance as they’ll see that you’re professional and serious. This is a sure way to help them gain more trust in you, and you have the chance to widen your reach considerably.

Remember also that the different social media platforms attract a different group of people and typically also have varying types of content. As a result, do your best to share the right content to the right platforms so that you get better results. For instance, some platforms call for images while on others, you can share factual text such as that roof coatings can add 25 whole years to a roof’s service life, reducing the amount of material that’s discarded and that ends up in landfills.

2. Showcase Your Processes and Products

People will be more likely to follow along with your posts if they understand your products better. To make it possible for them to do this, you can showcase your products alongside the processes that are used to create them. In the process of doing this, you’ll end up educating your followers and therefore improving their knowledge on a subject they’re interested in. For example, they may learn that about 90% of asphalt roofing shingles are actually made with fiberglass, according to Roofers Guild. When potential clients know such details, they might feel empowered to make better purchasing decisions and patronize you out of loyalty.

3. Engage Your Users With Live Videos and Streams

Keep in mind that the audiences that are the most engaged spend up to 76 times more on services and products that are advertised online, according to High Rock Studios. This shows the importance of trying your best to keep your audience engaged with your products and services. One of the ways you can improve engagement is by responding fast to comments and questions shared on your social media.

This will show your followers that you actually pay attention to them and are doing more than just pumping out information. You can also make use of live videos and streams, during which you can discuss various products or interesting industry topics. These are all great ways for you to engage more and therefore build your following as well as the rate of conversions.

These tips should help you market your roofing company a lot more effectively on social media in 2023. Remember that it’s a great idea to hire a professional to help you with the process. Make sure that they have experience so that you have confidence in their ability to deliver the best outcomes. This will be one of the best ways for you to spend your marketing dollars.