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5 Things We’re Waiting To Do Once The Pandemic Ends

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5 Things We’re Waiting To Do Once The Pandemic Ends


The pandemic feels like it has been around forever, and we miss doing a lot of things during this time. When the lockdown first began, it felt like a much-needed break from life and we started searching for the best meditation rug to cope with the long time we were staying home. Now that the situation has become more severe, we miss being outdoors. We miss our friends, family, food, favorite places, traveling, and so much more. Though all these activities are not permitted right now, we can’t help but think about when they will be again.

1. Street Shopping Binge

We’re not going to lie: we love online shopping! The freedom to shop at any time of day, the convenience of having everything delivered right to our doors, and the feeling of triumph when a bargain is found. That said, we can’t wait to go back to street shopping! It’s been a while since we last window-shopped, walked along crowded streets, and bargained. What’s your favorite street shopping location?

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2. Explore Local Street Food

During the lockdown, people rarely ordered food. This was because everything had to be homemade. Now, however, with the pandemic over, people are allowed to order food from their favorite restaurants. We can now enjoy street food and dining out again. We will be able to visit our authentic local restaurants and street food stalls that we loved before the lockdown took place.

3. Making Outdoor Plans

That’s a relief. Meeting someone virtually is the only plan we’ve made so far. We can’t wait to make new, outdoor plans when the pandemic ends. Traveling to amusement parks, the pool, hiking, or even to the movie theatre. So many plans of different activities are in our minds with family and friends, patiently waiting for the pandemic to end. Will you be canceling all your plans now or will you resume normal life again?

4. Stop Panicking Everytime We Cough

Coughing, sneezing, and sniffling are now a big deal. We have all become so paranoid that we freak out when we hear someone cough or sneeze. If someone near you coughs, you immediately worry that they will be the one to bring the pandemic to your door. I hope that this needless panic will end soon and we can live without worrying every time someone coughs.

5. Travel x Travel

With the pandemic, travel has become difficult, and for many people, a luxury. But that doesn’t mean our curiosity for exploring is gone! All of us, who have been waiting for the pandemic to end and can finally explore new places, are excited to take our first trip. In this post-pandemic world, what’s your first destination, and how will you get there?
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Since we’re all in the same boat, here are 5 things we can’t wait to do when the pandemic is over. Did you find the answer to any of these questions? Have you made any plans for what you’ll do when this is all over? Hopefully, this will end and we’ll get back to our old selves again.