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Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts Explains 4 Ways Martial Arts Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts Explains 4 Ways Martial Arts Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals


If you can conceive a fitness goal, martial arts can help you achieve it. People who are willing to dedicate the required time and effort have the potential to achieve remarkable outcomes. 

Just ask any of the instructors at Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts. They are happy to explain the four ways martial arts training can help you realize your fitness goals.

1. Develop Strength

Physical strength will make you a better athlete, no matter the sport or the goals you have set for yourself. Additionally, your body is less susceptible to injury by developing severe core strength. Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts incorporate bodyweight strength training into its classes. This method helps students develop lean, strong, functional muscles. At the same time, they avoid injuring joints. Strength training focuses on stretching to add flexibility.

2. Improve Endurance

When you take a martial arts class at a quality facility with great instructors, you’ll quickly find that you are on your feet and moving for long periods of time. You are learning the various moves, and you’re also increasing your stamina. Martial arts can improve your lung capacity and increase your cardio health. As students progress, they often notice that they are tired less often and that previously exhausting tasks are much easier for them. This helps to make a healthier, more active life possible.

3. Gain a Healthy Physique

Everybody has different goals when it comes to their body composition. People begin martial arts training to lose weight, gain weight, add mass, or increase definition. Those who stick with a program and maintain healthy changes to their eating habits see great results. The cardio component of martial arts helps burn calories, while the strength training component can help you achieve the body shape you desire. This is done in a positive, encouraging environment that welcomes everybody. No matter your body type or fitness level, you can benefit.

4. Crush Performance Goals

Fitness performance goals vary widely. You may want to bike an entire century, cut some time off of your mile, win a martial arts tournament, or have more energy to play with your children. No matter what you pursue, martial arts can help you get there. Yes, studying martial arts can improve your strength and endurance. However, that’s only part of what this training can do for you. It also increases self-discipline, determination, and resilience. Participants find themselves motivated to keep working toward their goals, even when struggling.

About Tiger Schulmann

Established in 1984 by Daniel “Tiger” Schulmann, Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts is the largest martial arts school in the US. With more than 45 locations in the United States, TSMA has helped thousands of men, women, and children reach their full potential while meeting various personal goals. With skill levels ranging from complete beginner to professional competitors, Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts teaches the most effective self-defense techniques — boxing, muay Thai, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu. But TSMA teaches more than self-defense. Every one of Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts Schools strives to provide an alternative form of physical fitness while instilling life lessons and personal development.