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Why G.I. Tax Service Franchises are in Demand


Why G.I. Tax Service Franchises are in Demand


There are two main American dreams. The first is to own your own home. The second is to own your own business.

G.I. Tax Service would like to help you turn both those dreams into reality.

G.I. Tax is the fastest growing tax preparation company in the country, because of the many motivated men and women who have invested in one of our turnkey G. I. Tax Service franchises.

We would like to offer you an opportunity to join the ranks of these high achievers.

Open a G.I. Tax Service franchise and start your career in tax preparation and tax assistance today. Once your franchise is well established, you’ll have the income available to help you achieve the rest of your dreams as well, whether it’s taking a nice vacation every year, purchasing your own home, sending your kids through college, or all of the above!

What’s a Turnkey Franchise?

A turnkey franchise is one where everything has been prepared for you. It’s a “franchise in a box.” We provide you with everything you need to open your own business – all you need is the ambition and the dedication to your new career.

Why G.I. Tax Service?

Taxes are always with us. And they’re getting more and more complicated every year. Very few people have the time or knowledge to fill out their tax returns properly. That’s why they seek out tax preparation companies, and that’s why tax preparation companies are guaranteed clients every single year.

G.I. Tax is uniquely placed to attract our target market – active and retired military personnel, civil servants, and all those who value American ideals. Because we encourage veterans to own their own G.I. Tax Service franchise, they benefit from the loyalty that service members show each other.

Affordable Franchises

  1. I. Tax is dedicated to making it easy for interested personnel to open a G. I. Tax Service franchise, by offering an in-house financing program for franchise fees and for purchasing the necessary equipment.

We will work with you to help you open your own business – a G. I. Tax business!

What Makes G.I. Tax Service Unique?

Knowledgeable Tax Preparers

Our motto is No Dime is Left Behind®.

That’s because our goal is to provide our clients with the best tax preparation service possible. That’s why we offer G.I. Boot Camp – our training program for all tax preparers to ensure that our franchise offers up-to-date tax knowledge when working with clients. We also provide G.I. Taxware – the software that helps preparers do their work quickly and efficiently, and ensures that our clients get the tax refund they deserve.

Available Year Round

Many tax preparation companies are pop-up shops – they pop-up in time for the tax season and then disappear for the rest of the year.

That’s not the case with G.I. Tax Service. Our franchisees are open year-round and offer other essential tax services as well.

   Tax Planning – both personal and business

   Small Business Formation

   Counseling and Personal financial planning

   Niche needs, such as help in filling out FAFSA applications

We Support Our Troops

The support we offer our troops is evident in our name, G. I. Tax. Not only do we encourage veterans to join us as franchisees, but we deliver great service to our military.

We know how hard they work for us and how much they sacrifice, and we give back. G.I. Tax Service donates $10 from every tax return to a local military charity.


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