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Why has the number of CBD users doubled in the U.K.?


Why has the number of CBD users doubled in the U.K.?


The latest statistics have shown that the number of CBD users doubled in one year around the U.K.

The United Kingdom Cannabis Trades Association, monitoring the country’s CBD and hemp industry, revealed data on the use of CBD in the U.K. Indeed, it appears that 250,000 people are now using CBD in the U.K., to act on various pathologies or even health conditions. This number of CBD users had literally exploded compared to 2016 when the number of users was around 125,000.

To get a better understanding of why cannabis, weed and CBD are getting so trendy and exciting to many users and patients, click on this page: “Marijuana: the new approach.”

CBD and cannabis statistics in the U.K.

In the same report, the U.K.’s Cannabis Trade Association explains that around 1,000 new people are starting to use CBD every month in the country.

We also learn that about 65% of these users are women, who use CBD to act on problems with back pain, epilepsy or anxiety.

The medical benefits and recognized properties of CBD are now sufficient for the public to try and discover its use. The unwanted and unpleasant side effects of traditional pharmaceutical drugs seem to be one of the reasons for this craze.

U.K.: Number of CBD users has doubled in a year

Until October 2016, cannabis was not considered, from the British government, as a medicine.

But at that time, the government recognized the medicinal value of CBD: it was declared to have specific properties. While we know the existence of the endocannabinoid system since the 70s, British researchers are now interested in this plant.

The British Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency, therefore, authorized legal sales of CBD, classifying it as a medicine. After this decision, the regulatory agency backed down and friends in place of the requirements that manufacturers had to meet. These requirements were that producers obtain a specific medical license to sell CBD products legally.

As a result, many companies in the sector and other retail companies have found ways to get around this requirement by claiming that their CBD products and supplements are a food product. By labelling their CBD products as a form of food rather than medication, they avoid the need for a medical license, which is far too expensive and expensive.

In England and Wales, it is, therefore, legal to buy CBD since last year, after the government approved its use as a licensed medicine. But CBD oil has not yet been approved for use on the NHS (National Health Service) in Scotland.  

How to consume CBD oil properly?

CBD oils should be subject to some precautions for use:

  • CBD oils are not dedicated to vaporization with equipment dedicated to e-liquid vaping; consumption of vegetable oil by spraying can cause respiratory problems.
  • CBD oils, like all CBD products, are not recommended for pregnant women.
  • CBD oils are not drugs and cannot replace medical treatment prescribed by a healthcare professional.
  • CBD oils can cause minor side effects (dry mouth, drowsiness, dizziness, digestive discomfort …)
  • CBD oils taken in large quantities can also interact with certain medications, so we recommend that you consult your doctor before taking the oil if you are undergoing medical treatment.

Buy the only the best CBD oil

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